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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Where next?

I Find It hard To Contemplate.

Despite wonderful successes all over The UK of little events such as our village show, yesterday, the dominant theme of our Country remains heavily the state of our towns and cities. The weekend before this I had cause to go into Hastings looking for a decent hostelry for supper. What an unimaginable dump, packed with teenage drunks and threatening groups/gangs. All of them were dominated by every nationality you can think of.
Whilst Ye Olde England/Britain still exists, this pervasive and invasive decline is spreading ever wider. As it does so unrest and frustration, poverty and violence get ever more prevalent. Whilst bloggers of a reasonable and intelligent sway try hard to waken the slumbering masses, the political class and their chatterati continue unabashed their expensive ghetto lifestyles, in various up market, wealthy areas. They are not in any way whatsoever in touch with reality. A reality they have created and from which they derive great comfort and fortune. Robber Barons to a man and woman. Whilst i am more than sanguine about wealth, I am mortified at the route many poor quality individuals achieve it via sucking at the teat of the tax payer. 
They are not all, though many are, Labour and socialist apologetics. Am I alone in my anger, for example, at reading of The Camerons' reported £6k  a month rental income whilst living the luxurious lifestyle of a PM? That would go a long way to helping some poor homeless wretch survive.
All in this together? Utter bollocks and this Coalition needs to get a wriggle on if the mess they have inherited is not to consume them in the anger and ire of a very troubled people.


  1. Where are The Camerons?

  2. Do what I've just done...apply for a shotgun licence.

  3. As I drift gently into my twilight years (pause to allow for small murmerings of, "No no, Caratacus" "Still in your prime old boy" + so forth) it occurs to me that we are watching a sort of pendulum here.

    For many years now we have watched the pendulum swing away from a paternalistic, masculine patrician set of societal values to a more feminine, softer introspective mindset. I'm not saying either way is right or wrong, only that I am more comfortable with the former rather than the latter, because I prefer things to be black and white rather than the grey smudge of compromise.

    It may be that we are about to see the pendulum swing back - possibly with a bit of a vengeance - the other way. Whilst some aspects of this may be welcome, we have to be aware that some of the exponents of the new paternalism will be the thugs currently employed in what passes for a police force these days.

    My eyes stray towards the long since retired weaponry. I sigh.

    The Ungodly beckon once again...

  4. I might just do that, Cato. My little pellet gun doesn't even scare the rabbits and squirrels! Caratacus, you always manage to calm my spirits.