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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Water Runs Uphill

Roll Up, Roll UP!

As the tsunami of Labours' 13 years of booming bust grows ever higher, blocking out the sun. As the wave curls ever upwards and the water really does run uphill, defying gravity, this bunch of clowns continue their pissing little sideshow. Note the collective amnesia floating in the flotsam and jetsam of the gathering cascade of debt and failure. As the collusion, sorry, conference season, approaches this band of inept and comic brothers, (literally, in one instance) spout their little "struts upon the stage" without the slightest self-conscience or realisation that the years of hardship, deprivation and disaster to come, are of their making. Every utterance from the two salvage ships that are the coalition, is seized with malevolent spite and obvious chagrin at the loss of power, by a group of inner circle maniacs. An inner circle that reluctantly embraces a few they would rather not but feel obliged to. Bob Crow, Mr Harriet and a plethora of the chatterati, led by the BBC Cabal.
Whatever the coming years hold for all of us let us never forget the posturing of Bliar, the arrogance of Snotty's intellectual and financial delusion. The awful attempts by Blunkett at aristocratic connections, the measly mouthed actions of mafioso Straw and his ghastly progeny, who is being groomed to maintain the grip of a myopic dynasty on the underclass of the North East.
I could rant on about the Kinnocks, the Prescotts et al. That would demand a descent into the only language available to really get at the rotten, stench ridden core of the once OK Labour movement.A movement long since enslaved by the metaphorical ball and chain of a shit education system, that has destroyed the joy of the artisan and the labour of worth, that was once our industrial power. Suffice to say, whatever we might justifiably lay at the door of this Coalition Government, we, yes we, colluded at the ballot box to produce successive Labour regimes, when in our hearts we ought to have known it was too good to be true. Some of us did know and have little satisfaction from "We told you so".


  1. With any luck they'll continue to grind their collective teeth, out in the wilderness .. until the rotten stumps match the rest of their failed, useless raison d'etre

  2. Ooooooooooh, yes please, Captain!

  3. On the whole I prefer Enid Blyton's "Famous Five". But in that case which one of the above is the dog? Answers please to The Labour Party care of the Bankruptcy Court.

  4. A fine piece of insight, Sir. Thank you - I hope we have seen the last of this rabble - but then there are always those who will side with the worst vermin in the money is there, so I shouldn't expect too much, too soon.

    There is so much to be changed, untaught and unlearned before we become great again, but we WILL.

  5. Opsimath, welcome and thank you. A trawl through my post history will indicate my and my pals empathy.

  6. Demetrius, the dog was always to become pack leader waving a banana.