Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Scale Of Everything.

Beyond Us All.

In the modern world of 24/7 chatterati, television, Internet and air travel there is a mantra of globalisation loved by the Bilderberger clan of politicians and big business. What they all fail to realise is that in pushing their agenda the sheer magnitude of existence is against them. Sure we are all brainwashed with the commercial machine that drives consumerism and greed. "You can have it all" goes the meme. However, on a very frequent occasion nuclear weapons are set off without hardly a murmur, doing untold environmental and human damage. This is hushed up of course and few ever realise anymore that these massive explosions are happening, so vast is the globe we inhabit. Therefore those NWO cretins who so powerfully influence our lives are themselves unaware of their own puny affect on eternity. Like nuclear explosions, they seem all powerful but as good old Billy would have it, "signify nothing". I think our Phony Tony is feeling a little of a hubristic hangover as I type!
I guess, therefore, that though we suffer from the likes of politicians, we can hold some comfort from the vastness of it all and smile quietly at those who endeavour to claim ownership of absolutely everything. It has never been nor ever will be possible and that arrogance of belief that to be rich and famous is to be special is not even an atom in the overall universe. Nice if you can get it of course!!!


  1. "Imagine the universe beautiful, just and perfect... Then be sure of one thing: the 'Is' has imagined it quite a bit better than you have".

    A little quote from "Illusions" By Richard Bach. Sort of seemed appropriate somehow...

  2. Very appropriate, dear friend.

  3. Caratacus has the right of it. A worthy observation indeed OR. You have reminded us of a perspective that it is all too easy to lose sight of.