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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Personal Modern Dilemmas.

What A Waste!

OR has fought a long battle with an HP psc 2179. About seven years ago I paid an astronomical amount for this kit expecting at least ten years of service. It has been a nightmare. First Bill Gates used his scary update system to remove all compatibility with his OS., within less than two years of purchase. Was I warned this was to happen. Don't be silly. My solution was to constantly re-install from the disc. Of course, this became impossible, as drivers fell under the sniper fire from both HP and our Bill's little dugouts, both overlooking my little plateau from their lofty tactical superiority. Then I get an HP patch to circle the wagons from the insidious Bill's sniping. Several months of blissful, trouble free use and a terrific replacement cartridge system at a reasonable and fair price.
However, nothing is allowed to be so straightforward for us poor infantry. HP manage to bring into play, via my own broadband highway, software chip recognition to score a direct bullseye on my attempted "green" frugality and blow away any further use of anything but their solid gold bullets, in the guise of new ink cartridges. Was it ever thus and our Internet access allows us to discover the scams perpetrated against us? A utility denied us in the past. Of course the more successful this globalisation the greater the number of sinecures available to the ruling classes for applying to join the Bilderberger clubs. 
Well, if you've got this far, the saga continues to unfold. In my frustration I break a cartridge plastic, spring loaded catch. This is of course terminal, since spares and repair would now be more expensive than replacement. Green my arse! So, after years of war I set off to replace this piece of crap with another machine. Prices now are 10% of the day I nipped into enemy territory and spent a large sum so badly. However, researching the options, which are legion, I have settled on an Epson SX 415, due to economic ink costs and purchase price. There is a but, naturally. I was unable to determine that the ink cartridges come supplied. A bit like toys which say "batteries not supplied". PC World do not accept phone calls for less than £500 a pop. Well it seemed that way. "All our fucking agents are busy" sort of thing. Now Tesco answer the phone smartly. Guess what, they couldn't tell me. So it's now off to PC World. In all the adverts we get "people buying this also bought millions of pounds worth of ink"! Ergo, a subtle hint that you should as well and begging the question, do I have to? We shall soon find out. 
Mind you, I do expect the bastards to be close to "ink not supplied" cards very soon, if not already. Just like USB cable not supplied. £1.50p from outlets other than the majors, £12 from the store. Rip off after scam manipulation, now aped by the politicos and Sir Humphreys. Chicken and egg, methinks. 
So, there you have it. Modern living, try to avoid being screwed by one and end up gang banged by a whole industry. If you escape that then the tax man or "gummint" are waiting to rape you of every bit of dignity you try so hard to preserve. Still, we fight on to the last one standing, don't we?


  1. Of course we fight on OR, what other way is there?

    I've never bought HP, was warned off years ago. Epsom's been my choice and yes, although inks may be expensive, the support service (the few times I've used it) is excellent.

    The times I've used it have all been because of my ignorance, not their hardware.

  2. Samsung, I have ink jet and black laser ones with 3rd party cartidges and black tape over the ink powder monitor eye for an extra 2,000+ pages

  3. Yes we fight on, but it's hard to resist the siren song of gadgetry! All those toys we don't need but must have! Mmmmm shiny gadgets...

  4. In the face of overwhelming odds, OR, total defiance is the only recourse!

    Because I am (ahem) deeply concerned about saving the environment and can still adjust the points on a BMC A-series engine, I just drill a hole in the printer cartridge, refill it with ink and plug the bugger in. Bit of insulting tape over the hole and off we go. Hasn't failed me yet.

    And that man at the back who sniggered and said I look like Mel Gibson in 'Braveheart' - step forward immediately for punishment.

  5. "and can still adjust the points on a BMC A-series engine"

    - Me too! And I recently set up the twin SU carbs on an old B series engine by ear, and a few sniffs of the exhaust!

    My mate was chuffed to bits...

  6. Well done md!! These skills are needed. (Although the memsahib raises an eyebrow when I'm showing my four year-old grand-daughter how to re-fletch an arrow...)

  7. Boys and girls, OR has a smidgeon of dexterity but my one and only attempt at filling cartridges took a month to clean up! How far away are you, Caratacus?

  8. I have an old Epson C62. I bought a device to cancel the inbuilt chip on the ink cartridge, drilled filler holes in it, and I have filled and refilled from bulk ink bottles for many years.
    I had a slight problem when it completely stopped working claiming it must be taken to an approved specialist for maintenance. Cost exceeding price of printer of course and the 'maintenance' turns out to be a new cleaning sponge! I think that was a distinctly offside obstacle for which Epson should be prosecuted. But fortunately some russian owners had written a programm to reset the internal counter and cancel the demand. It rattles a bit but still prints like new. You can win sometimes :-)

  9. Magic, Woodsy42! My new machine rattles a lot but is still superior to the HP now dumped on PC world to be recycled. (refurbished, new labels and flogged off).

  10. Miles away in darkest Devonshire OR... not a lot of use at this great remove, I fear!