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Monday, 23 August 2010

Perfect People?

Breeding Will Out?

Today highlights payments for egg and sperm donors and throws up the most amazing thoughts and philosophies with regard to the ever expanding human overpopulation of the planet. Despite the socialist dogma of the most stupid kind which flies in the face of all existence and history, breeding still counts!

It was reported that £30,000 was possible to realise for a woman donating an egg in the USA. The catch, however, is that the donor must be seen as worthy of such a sum! Now this selection happens naturally in nature but with humans it has to be, as ever, very complicated! Once upon a time social mobility could be had via battle or jousting. A survival of the fittest, kind of thing. As time went by and a couple of world wars rather altered the "availability" of stock and the mad lefties took over charge of the breeding programme, (similar to that great socialist, Adolf), things have somewhat altered. Now social mobility is very dampened down and new rules in place. Political dynasties are formed such as the Kinnocks, Straws, Prescotts, Bliars, Snotty's and so on. Not forgetting The Kennedys, Bushes  and other nations robber barons. Only time will tell how that gene pool turns out but provenance is not on their side! Now where would we look to buy a £30,000 egg? I can just see some person stopped at an airport looking to smuggle precious eggs. Oh, yes, just happened! So, who might be worth approaching to improve our Nations' gene pool? In truth, probably start with the known successes such as the lovely Kitty, below. The trouble is that rather buggers the socialist nature versus nurture doctrine!
However I know which gene pool might improve the world before the other. Sadly, that's how nature works. Ask Jeremy Kyle!


  1. It's sometimes hard to believe they are the same species.

  2. Another pic of the lovely Kitty, OR.

  3. $30,000 for eggs... sheesh, Sainsbury's has them for about £3 a dozen ....

  4. I suspect many of the Sainsbury's produced, too, Tris!

  5. It was my understanding that when a couple was unable to procreate, there was a reason for this. Sometimes medical, or genetic (nature's way of saying please don't piss in the gene pool) or sometimes down to lifestyle. I have a good friend who is firing blanks purely because of the amount he smokes and drinks, but is unwilling or perhaps unable to moderate his behavior. This then is surely the heart of it. People are unwilling to face the real reasons for their inability to drop a sprog and we are now being told that it's their right to buy and sell the very building blocks of life like sodding lifestyle accessories, as if the moral, ethical and medical concerns were purely unfair barriers betwixt them and their 'rights'. Of course I say this from the position of not having children, so I can't say if I would feel differently...

  6. I very much agree with you, Atlas.