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Monday, 9 August 2010

The Pain Looks Worrying.

All In This Together?

Petrol is yet again to be allowed to rocket skywards. The honeyed words of Osborne's pre-election price regulator are long forgotten. The enormity of our Nation's bankruptcy is soon to be felt by ordinary people. VAT at 20%, rampant inflation, high interest rates and mass unemployment. Only one factor could make a difference. Reduce demand. This would improve savings and reduce the pressures on our services, housing and future. Let the economic migrants look elsewhere for their benefits, pensions and luxury. It sure as heck will not be available in The UK for many, many years. Well done Labour. Certainly all our political class will be just fine as they and their families continue to suck at the teat of the ever downtrodden tax payer. THAT always takes priority. Solve this one, gang!


  1. I see what you mean OR but I don't think benefits to new immigrants/asylum seekers will be reduced. Much like overseas aid these 'vulnerable' people must be protected in a way that British taxpayers aren't. At least, according to government thinking they must. Beyond that, I can't help you because I don't understand govt logic either. Even this govt is flying in the face of common sense.

  2. GV, sad and disgraceful situation and still nothing happens. Yet.

  3. You left me a note about laundering, ah, of course. Re your post above, we have all been taken to the cleaners.

  4. Not forgetting the £1,000,000+ houses they keep putting these "asylum seekers" in while our own population can't even get a poxy, cheap council house!

  5. Demetrius, laundering is rife! Spidey, Hi, why has it come to this is beyond me!

  6. Never thought I'd find myself writing this OR but it's not just Labour who have brought us to this pretty pass. (Have a little pause now to wait for the feeling to come back to my fingers...)

    Your point about economic migrants strikes the old post just about spot-bollock. But as long as we are held in the EUSSR we are powerless to do anything about it.

    Who did most to get us into Yurp? Why, the good ole Tories in the form of Edward (Heaving Shoulders) Heath, even the sainted Maggie in her early days, and John (the Bastard) Major. Do you remember Ken Clarke chuckling about not having read the Maastricht Bollocks - and then voting for it?

    It's a plain and simple fact that a husband and wife asylum seeker will receive more in benefits than a husband and wife pensioner couple who have spent their whole lives contributing to our society.

    I will start listening to Mrs Cameron's little boy with a bit more respect when he starts to address this great wrong.

    Until then he can piss up a rope.

    Apart from all that I've made a half-decent stab at the Telegraph junior crossword and my day has gone swimmingly (as they say in the 'Devonshire Life')!

  7. There certainly has been a lot of talk from No 10 regarding housing and immigration. How much of it is merely empty rhetoric remains to be seen. I ferevently hope that my trust is not misplaced. Although it could simply be a desperate hope that nobody could be worse than Gordon the Ruiner. Caratacus I gather John Major is a fanatical cricket fan. Surely he can't be all that bad?...

  8. Sorry I seem to have posted that twice...bloody technology!

  9. Ref: John Major/cricket fan/can't be all bad:

    Give you three guesses as to the identity of the self-confessed cricket fan who is also patron of the Zimbabwe Cricket Union.

    Yup - step forward Mr Robert Mugabe!

  10. Sorted, Atlas, no problem! Thank you al for terrific input. I'm very much of the Atlas thinking, Caratacus, that nothing could ever be as awful as Wilson, Bliar and the Prince of All Shit, Snotty Brown. However, Heath is right up there as the most obnoxious shirt lifter as ever lived. Well, almost. Now Maggie, for all her critics, was not only the biggest man in her own Government but probably since Churchill!
    Caratacus, Cameron really does talk the talk, the jury is out on the walk. A walk I doubt The EU will allow, anyway.