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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Our PM, AC-DC?

All In This Together?

Our electric poles apart from one day to the next, PM, who I now regard as AC-DC, (daily all change DC) is desperate to hide yet another massive tax hike behind a facade of political justification, with regards to booze. For centuries booze has been a drug or therapy of choice. That depends on how you use or abuse it. Queen Victoria, I believe, was against education for the masses and in some respects she was right. One such element,I believe, is the cretinous manner so many youngsters, (under mostly Labour and socialist educational policies but never amended by the Tories), waste what little education they receive. They learn that "they are worth it", "all are winners" and sex, booze and drugs are their entitlement. The cocaine snorting chatterati giggle at the pathetic attempts to emulate the fortunate, but rich and famous "celebs". This is reflected in the early use of booze and sexual promiscuity rife particularly in the UK. Statistics prove these two dangerous activities in the young, without due understanding and guidance, are much more prevalent here than elsewhere. Particularly in Europe.
So in weighs Nanny to cajole. lecture, pontificate and treat us all as naughty children. meanwhile setting such a perfect example to us all?
Now I love a drink and over my years, as I am sure many of my visitors, I have consumed too much from time to time. Now why some people become addicted, some ill and some little or no problems at all, is a mystery yet to be solved. One thing is for certain. Stupidity is a lethal ingredient in all human activity and particularly in the young. However I fail to understand how pricing all of us out of our cars, pubs and drinking is any more than the desperate interference of so called leaders. People whose own ability to suck at the teat of cheap booze and guaranteed levels of income is guaranteed and preempts any cost increases that ruins
many others lives.
Cameron really is no different from Labour. In just a few months I'm being lectured and paupered by a man with less awareness or intelligence than I. Yet I do not presume to seek the mantle of power and the high ground of hectoring political crap.  Our nation is deep in the sewer because of successive government failure and the inability to let people choose what they do with their lives. Let drunken, drug fueled yobs, criminal gangsters and greedy politicians suffer discipline and hardship, punishment and disgrace. Of course that's against 'uman rights, innit?
Prime Minister, when you grow up, if ever, have a look round and seek out the wisdom of my generation and age group or older. You might get a twinge of humility. In the meantime bugger off and learn some history and some statesmanship. So far, matey, marks out of ten for making my life better, minus 8! Any lower and I'll be back writing bunker scenes.


  1. Better get writing then OR, you might percieve -8 but that will only be the tip of the iceberg that you/we are allowed to see!

  2. Just wait until they come back in September/October, OR, they will quickly be retreating into the bunker when the effects of their cuts hit home.

    "We're all in it together" but some of us will be more "in it" than others!

    In a way, I'm actually looking forward to some more bunker-inspired ranting and reading a whole new batch of your bunker stories.

  3. The whisky is poured, the dog turfed out of the favourite chair, a little light music readied at the gramophone (I thought Boccherini might suit) and the laptop fired up. We are ready OR – don’t wait until the green leather benches are infested once again in September, give them some stick NOW!

  4. You are all most kind. I'm on a short away trip this weekend but will ponder the format accordingly and thank you!

  5. Aye OR, the man for whom you pounded the pavements is a disappointment to many. For me, it's even worse. He's refusing to halt the drain on my wee bit savings so I'm in the throes of deciding whether to buy a dancing, singing bed or blow some on a holiday I'll never forget.

    Unfortunately most holidays I've never forgotten have been disasters and I'm at the stage in life that I prefer an uneventful time. So the bed's winning at the moment but there is protest from the opposition.

    Enjoy your wee trip.