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Monday, 16 August 2010

One Stands Out.

Is This Obamadindong's American Dream?

Of the stories I only glimpsed whilst I was in the beautiful, affluent but overcrowded in places, South East, one stood and still does stand out. Our good old USA honest to goodness Chief Muslim. I was appalled when I heard of his comments and very keen to back up what I knew would be my blog list pals reaction. Who says this is the silly season? Whilst the media and the chatterati might consider August the month to bugger of, some of us manage to keep a decent torch alight. I was not disappointed. Gotty and barking led an excellent collection of posts and comments. Splendid but I still felt a desire to add my twopence worth. The belief that vast movements of people across the globe is somehow the way to go for the human race is madness. It is the way to create tensions, jealousies and animosity and implant them into a society on a grander scale than when "home" was where the tribe were, once upon a time.
Obummer's comments were of a  very inflammatory nature and I suspect he was well aware of that fact. Since his inauguration he appears to have rushed forward an agenda, planned many years earlier, to marginalise the right and the white in much the same way as is happening in Europe and the UK. It can only and will end in tears. I suspect more than his rejection will be the end result. It will not be pretty.


  1. It may not be pretty OR but it will make excellent blogging material!!!

  2. It will indeed, dear colleague!

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  4. I smell impending civil wars in the air, OR

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