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Thursday, 26 August 2010


Without Wind Turbines.

A potential, very large oil field has been indicated off the West coast of Greenland. It seems BP are not being invited to join the exploration parties soon to be announced. Now my feelings about climate, oil and energy are rather mixed. I do not believe mankind are as important as we are made to assume and that it is our species we put at risk of extinction before the planet or other creatures. Not least through our breeding habits and crassness.
One thing I am sure about is that the energy needs met and continued to be met, using oil, have brought as much good to our lives as bad. As for wind turbines, note how the deaths of birds and the destruction of our natural landscape is hardly ever mentioned. Certainly not with the hysteria surrounding oil exploration and drilling. Of course the unbelievable wealth generated by the oil industry, just as in the legal and illegal pharmaceutical industries, attracts politicians and despots the world over. This is how people are. Nevertheless, I'm sure that if the wind farm business were as lucrative as the others, the tree huggers would be less supportive than they appear to be. Naturally few if any of the Greenpeace  activists live near wind farms and certainly never use one drop of their hated oil producing energy.


  1. Just checked on the Neta site, and despite the foul and windy weather in the South of the UK, windpower is currently providing just 0.1% of our needs...

    Looking at the weather charts shows why - OOOOP North (where most of the turbines are) there's very little wind.... - Go to "Generation By Fuel Type (table)"

  2. If we got all the fat kids on bicycles and hooked those up to generators, we'd solve the obesity problem and energy crisis in one go!

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