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Saturday, 28 August 2010

I'm No Scholar, but...Part 2.

I'm A Resentist not A Racist.

Following on from my part one, I wanted to indicate my feelings, which so often are those of the average UK indigenous majority. For many years, since the early 1960s, the rape of other countries via the Empirical ambition of our so called upper classes was to begin to haunt us. How? Through the unpleasant back door deals to extract ill gotten gains from abroad, before they could be sequestered by their rightful owners. Now look at the mess. As ever, the lefties ape their hated hereditary upper echelon and make things that much more stupid and unpleasant. The result is a mass influx of immigrants, to be pampered and protected, come what may. Why? Well, in Labours' case to garner and harvest votes, thus power. For the Bilderbergers, to gain wealth through the subjugation of upstart entrepreneurs and their own middle classes, who might otherwise grow into a more egalitarian and less obliging electorate. Indeed that happened with disastrous consequences in 1997, only to spawn the most ghastly Bilderberger history has ever known.
So, to link with part 1, this unholy mess, (unholy used deliberately and literally) has created a Europe of disenfranchised peoples dominated by the shadowy power mongers, using Islam as a way to control and suppress potential uprising. It is documented that this very same tactic was employed by Hitler who used the Jews as a diversionary issue to polarise the population into following his power trip.
It is ironic that the enemy of the Jewish and Christian faiths, Islam, is being used to create a spoilt and weak European populace incapable of resistance under new, politically correct laws. The accession of Turkey as part of the overall scheme will be the final "step to far" is my guess.


  1. I must have spent hundreds of hours mulling this over, OR.

    I suppose from a Bilderberg perspective, a bloated population means a bloated labour market (or at least "potential" labour market) in order to drive down salaries and save themselves a few (trillion) quid.

    My mind also drifts towards appeasing Saudi and the Arab states. Our powers that be like oil and they like arms deals. Although of course, none of this is for our benefit. Blair being the biggest culprit in the UK right now, and a profiteer from this, due to his connection to rebuilding contracts, etc.

    As I've said on my own blog, there's really only one non-violent way to stop them. And that's to deprive them of our money at every opportunity possible - money they use to build their secret dynasties. But it's a slow process. I'm a young(ish) bloke and I'm not certain I'll be around to see us take control of this mob and send them scarpering. For now at least, I'm lasered in on the useful idiots, with a view to removing them and starting on the more durable layers above.

  2. Plenty of room for young 'uns, CS! Bradford a bit noisy today!

  3. Isn't that chap the outside choice for Leader of the Labour Party in the event that none of the Flatulent Five manage to win?

  4. Demetrius, you might well be correct. Certainly an improvement.

  5. But do you know what's really galling? It's that WE let this happen! We said "Do you know what Mr Politician, you're absolutley right I am scared of those terrorists/financial meltdown/global warming/rogue nukes, insert threat of choice here! I will forget that up until now they were no threat to me and do what ever it is you say I must so that I can feel safe again!"

    Thing is, those threats are entirly manufactured. All for control. Of us. I think that's why we are all so angry.

    I have this fantasy that Bliar will one day be thrown to the mob howling for his doom and that justice shall be swift. But I fear it shall remain a fantasy.

  6. Nice sentiments, Atlas! I'd go for slow retribution, however. For starters his book to flop.

  7. oooh, first cut is the deepest OR!