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Monday, 2 August 2010

If Banks.......

Are Making Big Profits..........

It's with our money and our future from whence this largess is carved. Osborne and Cable meekly whisper criticism whilst wringing their hands and our well being. Surely this cash ought to be flowing back into theTtreasury? If the cost of the tax payers generosity is in interest charged then we should be well on the road to recovery. If Government and The BoE treated the banks as the latter do us, we could see a very brief VAT rise before it falls back to 15% or lower. Guess what, this crowd of "broke" back usurers will do as all previous governments do, increase taxation and never, in real terms, reduce that burden. The drug of choice for civil servants and governments, taxation. Morons who ensure their own nest is well feathered regardless of the rest of us. I doubt we shall ever see prosperity ever again in my lifetime.


  1. It has been my observation that there is no such thing as 'temporary' in politics. Any measures brought in temporarily will remain, any promises of laws removed from the statute books will invariably be broken and and hikes in taxes given with the oh so sincere reassurance of their later lowering will only climb higher. All this is usually done with the best intentions in mind but the end result is always the same.

  2. Wouldn't it be great if some visionary changed all that?

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  4. Income tax itself was a "temporary" measure. They got addicted to our money and simply renew the temporary measure every year in an "emergency" meeting.

    We are screwed. Royally.

    Besides which, any debt based monetary system such as ours is destined to collapse. It's a matter of when, not if.

    There is no way to pay back all this "debt" we each have. If you add up each countries' individual debt you will quickly realise that there is nowhere near enough money in the world to repay it.

    The explosion, when it comes, will make that "Shock and Awe" campaign in Iraq look like a damp squib.


  5. Well said Ranty, a well put, if sobering thought! A government that can live within our means seems to be a rare beast indeed. All this 'keeping up with the Jones' successive U.K. Governments have enjoyed is pointless. We will never have new toys equal to the U.S. or, soon, China and neither have we NEED to use them. Here we are pleased as punch with our new Euro fighters, nuclear missiles and what have you that we can ill afford, strutting around like a twelve year old who's just learnt it's not only for pissing with! It's all so bloody pointless.

  6. "it's not only for pissing with!" As Prezza well knows!

  7. And, sadly, so do the rest of us know what he's been doing with it! An unhappy mental image indeed!

  8. money for old rope4 August 2010 at 00:08

    The banks are getting their money at 0.5% interest and charging us 4.5% interest. That's why banks like HSBC are making profits of £8Bn and handing out £1.5Bn in bonus payments to themselves.
    It's nonsense to say HSBC haven't recieved any benefit from taxpayers. We really are mugs.

  9. MROR, i see your point regarding our unfairly demanded contribution as individuals to their greed. Wish I could get 4.5% loan, mind you!