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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

How Much To Screw?

A Very Large Amount Of All Sorts Of Things?

I know Sodom and Gomorrah are with us as ever and as a humble and ordinary individual there is little I can do or say to change any of it. However, I demand of the lefties as to how providing the pretence of decency and left wing allegiance is deemed sufficient to ignore these celebs and politicos like Bliar and Mandysnake et al, whilst ranting about how terrible those of us of a right wing bent are? This dreadful woman is to testify about one of her payments, in the coming days, teased from a most delightful and splendid admirer.

So there you go, just lie back and think of the riches, Naomi. No wonder you publicly deny these offerings whilst privately boasting about them. So very left wing!


  1. Never ever liked the bitch in the slightest! sommat evil in her eyes!

  2. With you, Indy,seen it others, too!

  3. Campbell is some piece of work. She complained in her evidence to the court about the inconvenience of having to attend. Is there a way of having her body forcibly tattooed with that heart-breaking photo?