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Sunday, 29 August 2010

From Giant Acorns?

Even Better Than The EDL.

"Many at the rally said in interviews that they were drawn by a sense of disenchantment over the country's direction, alarm over government spending and a sense that the country's political system was broken. The event featured three hours of religious and patriotic speeches but offered few details on how to fix the country's problems." - Wall Street Journal 

A far cry from the "far" right EDL rally in Bradford! Nevertheless it seems that both here and in America the silent acquiescence of the right is beginning to show a sense of mutiny against the constant harangue of the left and the leftie  dominated chatterati. If the economic capability of growth via support of a right wing resurgence gets identified, watch out liberal, softie wets like our own PM and his coalition of limp wristed cutters and lovers of Bliar.  
The rally in Washington was joyous to read about. Whether you dislike Mrs Palin or not, she is going places. I for one am more than happy to see somebody stand up to the Bilderberger NWO of suppressive liberal left dictatorship and their attempts to control the very air we breathe. Just watch the EU send Obama and his dick head Democrats money and support, together with that rump of a dying political party known as Labour. Mind you we may yet see a Tea Party in the UK one of these days. A great alternative to the cloned clowns of Europe. Note the need to add, "but offered few details on how to fix the country's problems."". As ever, if it's right it's wrong for our pet media NWO sucker uppers!


  1. Im an ex miner , ive worked in factories, on building sites and ive done many menial unionised jobs.Not the sort of person that is 'of the far right persuasion' and yet why do I feel more and more marginalised by these bastards. So im supposed to be 'nazi' because I fear for my children ,my country and my way of life. I realised awhile ago that we are all 'getting fucked up the arse' and being charged for it.
    If only more people could wake up and smell the coffee.

    A supposed Nazi

  2. Listen... can you hear it? It's a drum roll and it's getting louder, louder all the time.

    Austria, then Sweden, soon - they've both had their fill of the lunatic left raping their culture and turning their lands over to the Third World and Islam.

    The LibLabCon tripartite of evil have nothing to offer except more of the same. It can't go on so something has to give. Stand firm and we'll beat these bastard sons of bitches.


  3. I suggest you read up on the EDL before decrying them as far right, they are anything but. I'd also take the media coverage of the event in Bradford with a pinch of salt too, it wasn't the EDL who started the trouble, nor were they the ones who threw the smoke bomb.

  4. Agents provocateurs, methinks. But who is pulling les strings?

    1. Plod

    2. MI5

    3. Unions

    .. where does that string end, Teresa?


  5. Quiet man I'm very much with you on the EDL and the nasty manner they are treated and mis-named. hence the inverted commas on the "ear". ArtCo, I regard my self a sort of middle class. Check out my profile, though. The right is the only direction to travel to stop the right. Many of my small band agree.