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Friday, 6 August 2010

Anybody Hungry?

Get Used To It!

"Wheat prices have jumped by more than 50 percent since June and are likely to rise further due to expectations of tighter supplies, triggering concerns about a repeat of the food crisis in 2007/08 that forced interest rates higher in many economies and led to emergency controls in others.

This population level continues to throw up issues the Bilderbergers/NWO will struggle to contain. Cheap food? Forget it, any food will be better than none!


  1. Have been advocating for some time now that people stock up a food cache (at least a year) and grow as much as they ca for themselves, We have even got ourselves a couple of chickens for the supply of daily protien,
    No one should make the mistake of thinking that this system will not collapse, that is what 'they' (the Bidy's) are playing for, they want us to be screaming for a saviour from 'all this' which is where they will step back into the mess they have created and make their demands... two words spring to mind the first begins with F and has 4 letters the second ends in F and has 3 letters!

  2. Food prices have been slowly creeping up in the past year or so OR. My basic basket has gone from £65 to £80.

    It'll continue.

    Subrosa (from my iPad and can't remember my password!)

  3. The severe fires in Russia have tipped the balance of supply. This was a market that was becoming finely balanced. One reason is the amount of land taken to grow stuff for ethanol. So for a tuppence saving on car fuel we will now be spending £200 or more for food. It is Government and EU economics

  4. Don't be ridiculous!!

    The wheat cost content of a standard white loaf is around 12% of the retail price, the rest is the cost of the baking process, other ingredients, transport, marketing, packaging and profit to all and sundry involved it getting it on the supermarket shelf.

    So even if the price of wheat doubled (unlikely) it would only raise the price to the consumer by another 12%.

    So put the megaphone down, the world is not ending, nor will it any time soon.