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Friday, 27 August 2010

Always Bet Against Politicians.

An Ice Age Cometh.

Consider the words below carefully. The article it is taken from argues a very scientific and searchingly dispassionate position, behoving of a genuinely enquiring mind. Most of you are aware of my stance as to the agenda of those constantly preaching death and destruction through AGW. Plus the manner they seek to spoil our lives and mess with our minds. Guilt does have to be taxing, is the mantra. Well, Gang, I’m pissed off with all the manipulation of the science and the big bucks greed of our so called leaders. Look how people who are right get sidelined or locked up, throughout history, for yelling “The Bilderbergers have no clothes!”. Those bothered to look, even if briefly, at can observe the manner in which Big brother is trying to prevent the release of damning documentary evidence, that would highlight the scandal of the AGW industry.

"The expansion of the Southern Hemisphere sea ice, now approaching record high levels, ought to tell you something about the oceans immediately around the sea ice. Unless someone changed the law of physics, they are cooling. So this large mass of water, which has all this energy in it, is cooling and has also cooled most dramatically in the area where it has the most energy, where it is warmest (the tropical pacific).
Guess what is about to happen to global temps?"

Now as our piss poor, greedy, pathetic, money grubbing Bilderbergers gather at their luxurious hide outs and exchange "secret" excrement amongst themselves, just consider what if they are, as so often has been the case throughout history and wars, wrong. 
Joe Bastardi got last Winter's cold spot on against the "mild" bar-b-que" UK Met Office sycophants. Now if he is correct, my post yesterday is thrown into the spotlight. Cold weather patterns often bring still and quiet conditions, post the blizzards and the storms. Just as we need energy to warm us most, our new fangled passion for giant bird killers lets us down. If Obama and Gore's investments in alternative energies and genetically modified crops are not to be lost, millions must be consigned to freezing cold, hypothermia. and early death. Still it would solve the problems associated with overcrowding and ironically reduce any small AGW effects! However, that oil deep under the oceans, notwithstanding the risks, looks very tantalisingly the way to go as the new ice age becomes noticeable in the mansions, palaces and chatterati offices.


  1. ref your header, always the surest bet in town.

  2. Spot on again OR ..

    Interestingly, I always look at Accuweather for a forecast before undertaking my own outdoor activities .. much more consistently reliable than the Beeb ...

    Mind you .. that applies right across the board ..

  3. Like Cpt Fish I use Joe Bastardi's site although it's not always possible to get detail for Scotland.

    The 'evidence' provided to brainwash us is falling round their ankles, yet we must continue onwards because they will too. Money is their god, not the good of the world.

  4. Thank you, Subrosa. Honesty is not a weapon employed by The Bilderbergers. Propaganda is their weapon of choice.

  5. Getting colder you say...?

    Goodness... and I just went and bought some shorts...

    Wouldn't you know it!

    Bought a Yukka last week.... tell Mrs OR! (It's only very little)

  6. Done, Tris. You can always bring it indoors!

  7. I shall OR... Thanks for the tip!