The despair Of The British nation.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

28th of August.

Why Demonstrate?

On the 28th of August The EDL plan to gather in Bradford. All the usual bleeding heart, leftie liberals and Muslim sympathisers are howling with rage and sharpening their own weapons of rhetoric. No questions dare be asked as to why the EDL exists or feel the need to gather. Similar gatherings such as above go unnoticed or at least unreported. Note as ever the typical lefty expressions trotted out. Chief among those being that to feel aggrieved at the mess that mass immigration has brought  into these tiny Islands means you are Islamaphobic and or racist. Now excuse me. I never voted for such over population of our inner cities. Never voted for war in Iraq or Afghanistan. As much as the misogyny and stoning to death of young women that exists in many Muslim countries and the prevalence of Sharia law also, I am appalled but have to accept that is their way. So why on all that is fair and reasonable do I have to accept "multi-culturalism" and Islamic dominance in my own? There are many practices amongst various immigrant communities, the circumcision of young girls is one, that are abhorrent and make the worst of our own indigenous thugs and brutalists appear almost OK. Yet the political mantra of appeasement, tolerance and acceptance is now enshrined in law. Again, who the hell voted for that? As the lid simmers on top of the saucepan, the chatterati and political classes wring their hands over dinner and parties in their country retreats or foreign hideaways. Meanwhile the disenfranchised and downright scared look vainly for leadership and fairness for the indigenous. They seek in vain and the pot will, before long, boil over big time. Never mind The Taliban in Afghanistan ,we could do with putting our own house in order could we not?


subrosa said...

Indeed we could OR and we should. But is the will there to tackle this? No. Because we don't have politicians in charge any more, we have managers. Westminster is a business and its income comes from fools like me who contribute to it willingly because it's the law.

I'm sick of all the talk and posturing by the lot of them. They tinker around the edges of social policies but the real policies such as the EU, Trident, the Afghanistan war and immigration are left untouched. That's because they don't have the country's interests at heart, only their own.

Lovely day here again.

Jared Gaites said...

Well said, but nobody really gives a shit do they?

Oldrightie said...

Subrosa, well put as ever. Jared, they do and time will tell.

Captain Haddock said...

Actually, I think that deep down, they do care ... and are very, very frightened of what might happen ..

Which is why I'm convinced that British military forces are deliberately being kept occupied as far away from Britain as is possible .. for as long as possible ..

Indyanhat said...

Rosie , if it is 'the law' then I do not see it as 'willingly' that contributions are made to it , that my love is enforced giving or to put it another way 'mugging by right of might'

Good piece OR well said matey!

Peterloo said...

Capt Haddock is right. You only have to eavesdrop on the conversations in your rurual pub to hear the angry rumblings of the increasingly nationalistic patrons.

The analogy to a boiling pot is close, though at the moment we are at the stage where a rolling boil is not quite there. It just needs that one nucleation bubble to set things off - one final straw that will break the camel's back to set in motion a chain of events that will feed from its own momentum.

I have long said that the Army is overseas to keep them off the streets - not standing against the civilians but with them.

The police are civilians, any many of them are in it for the power trip. And while I believe there will be a number of morally upright officers who will not stand against the civilians, I fear there are many more who will.

The Army is different. Officers and men are trained not to get caught up in the heat of the moment. They are instilled with the power of life and death and they are trained to understand when to use that power and when not to. And, most importantly, they fight for their country and are educated and understand the sacrifices of those who have fallen in this courtry's name. I truly believe that if faced with a decision to fight in the best interests of the incumbent government or in the best interests of the country they, both the offciers and the rank and file, will choose the latter.

It seems that there is a palpable silence in the nation's mood - the sort of silence that precedes the sudden gust that potends the storm to come.

Captain Haddock said...

It was often said in Nelson's Navy that when the mess deck grumbling stopped & a sullen quiet ensued ..

Mutiny was not far behind ..

Caratacus said...

I never cease to be amazed at just how much shit the Great British Public will allow to have tipped over them before they primly decide to write a stiff letter to the council.

One thing I've noticed over the years too is just how small is the number of people I could rely upon when the chips are down. (I note with wry amusement that of the three, one is ex-22, lives in Spain and may be found suspended like a fruit-bat from a bottle of the local brew, the other is a retired police sgt who, while the spirit is as fiery as ever, could not raise a fist without breaking a sweat; the third, I am pleased to say is my son who could knock people over at twenty paces just by shouting at them). Thank christ I've still got me health - and the reolve to man the barricades as and when.

The point of all this rambling is: there aren't enough of us to carry the flag. The British, I am afraid, have had the pluck bred out of them. The lads and lasses in the right regiments will understand about looking out for their oppos, and will have developed the thousand yard stare for dealing with arseholes, but they are few, so sadly few.

Am I missing something? Is there an as yet unnoticed thread of steel in the veins of the nation?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

A ramble. Think about it.

The Mohammedans are going to build a mosque on the site of the world trade centre massacre in New Yoik.

Population of America was 240 million or so the last time I looked.

Of that 240 million, 230 million people don't want this building project to happen, apparently. The defeatist in me says that it WILL be built.

If it IS built, what is the point of having a Gummint? A gummint that doesn't listen to the people?
What's the point of the 230 million if they are to be ignored?

It is incredible that such a small number of people can call the shots over so many. This is what is happening more and more in England; a dictatorship is being slowly but surely formed before our very eyes, and we do nothing.

How many people witnessed the beating, and subsequent death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 summit? 'Kin hundreds, I reckon. Millions more saw the beating by way of the video, which went viral.

What happened about it? Fuck all. The policeman involved in this battery is still working as a government thug, at OUR expense. What are we going to do about it? Fuck all.

We, the people, are powerless, shat on at every opportunity by the establishment.

Makes me think about lamp-posts and piano wire .............again.

Anonymous said...

King Arthur where are you, your people need you!

Oldrightie said...

The sentiments of my post ably captured by comments made. Note little or no rebuttal these days. Is that a deliberate ploy by the spooks to keep any non compliant bloggers under wraps? I used to hope blogging worked but as in all things, that seems to be becoming only acceptable if of a leftie persuasion.

Anonymous said...

It is tried and tested method OR. When something is felt to possibly threaten the State, they move in and embrace it. They make it part of their machinery of control, and those involved from the off, who used it as a legitimate outlet of information, greivances and humour, now back away in disgust and do something else. The faceless bastards will smirk triumphantly and abandon it. Such is the nature of 'Empire'

Oldrightie said...

Atlas, very precise but OR will go down fighting!

King Arthur said...

"nyup nyup... snore ...
Did someone call? mmmmmmm"

(rolls over, twitches at blanket. farts gently, sniggers in sleep)

"nyup nyup... snore..."

Aye - we're all doomed I tell ye!

Oldrightie said...

"nyup nyup... snore ...
Did someone call? mmmmmmm"

(rolls over, twitches at blanket. farts gently, sniggers in sleep)

"nyup nyup... snore..."

The great British brain dead awaken very, very briefly, before sniffing it's own putrefaction. King Arthur? I think not. King of Arseholes more apt.

Quiet_Man said...

They banned the EDL march. Apparently it might have caused trouble.

Oldrightie said...

QM, that saucepan lid will blow one day.