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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

100 Days.

After Around 4700 days?

I am not enamoured of DC's overseas grandstanding and in particular his offering the Indian PM a seat at the table to discuss our immigration policy. No bugger asked me! Nevertheless the carping, untruths and fictional delusion by the chatterati and Labour bunch is unbelievable. Polls tell us the people are convinced we were left in the doggy doo doo by Snotty and Darling, together with warmonger Phony. Just stop a moment and think of the people we were forced to endure. Blunkett, Reid, Harman, the Jedward boys, Aintworthalot, to name but a few who decimated our culture, economy and very way of life in 13 years of profound incompetence. Then look at the 100 days of a coalition Government. I know which I prefer and trust to not let the hole get ever deeper. I may dislike Cameron but heck, I don't need to live with the bloke. It felt like I had too with the last lot.


  1. The whole will get deeper they care nothing for the British people yet they keep getting elected.
    The next thing will be Turkey joining having the same rights as everyone else in the UK.
    These countries in Eastern Europe got rid of their unemployment problem overnight great for them. Today 74 year old man been evicted from his council house to make way for some 'undeserving' family wonder when they came from?

  2. Well yes, but I would rather you did not put up the picture of our street. It was just a busy day.

  3. Your street? Any street in the UK post labour!