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Monday, 5 July 2010

Why Consume?

Do We have To have So Much Junk?

Don't get me wrong. having nice things is a very pleasant experience. Should we not have to earn them, though. My generation of the 40s are probably the last to have had opportunities at the level we had. Then along came labour and their "we are all the same" except we glorious leaders. So we had to endure decades of dumbing down whilst fueling a consumerism based on "you're worth it". A conundrum. The market philosophy demands we spend, spend, spend, have, have, have. Trouble is the bills and interest payments survive long after the pleasure of the spending spree orgy.
What is happening throughout Europe and the USA is simply, as that slap head said, "there's no money left". We need to get used to cutting our cloth again. My generation did and do. Now I wonder if our good fortune is related to those old disciplines or were we just lucky to be born when we were?


  1. It is amazing how much you stop spending when you give up the junk. What is more amazing is when you realise that you never ever needed it in the first place.

  2. I sometimes feel like splashing out, but then reality kicks in. I am old enough to remember that money doesn't grow on trees (well the paper might do), so I work on the basis that "if it ain't broke leave well alone".

    I don't NEED an iPad, or BlueRay player, or 4.6 Range Rover, etc, etc...

  3. Oh dear, and I've just had an email saying my iPad arrived on Thursday!

    But you see, I can substantiate buying it because I've saved. We didn't have a holiday last year and doubt if we will this year (owing to circumstances beyond my control) and I rather fancied an Amazon Kindle because I read a great deal and our library is very small. With the persuasion of the Apple expert in the family I was told to wait for the iPad, similar price and does much more. So, months of work later, the day's nearly here. :)

  4. Now, Subrosa, you really are "worth it"!

  5. Spending beyond our means is really the culprit behind our growing debt. I do not just mean our personal debt but also the debt of our country. If all of us would just learn how to live within our means and spend within what we have and not what we will have in the future. Then, there could be a solution.