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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

He Really Seems To Be Heir To Blair.

Many fellow bloggers, (I need to find a name) , were nervous as to the similarities between Cameron and Bliar. Today he makes no pretence as to his Europhile credentials. Many, many observers and people throughout Europe are nervous about Turkish membership. The whole pot of a witches brew of political dictatorship and oppression that is The EU future, marches on every bit as destructive of our history and our wealth as the German blitzkrieg tactics of WW2. Now here is the ever looming identity of a clone to Bliar strutting his stuff regardless of his Party or The UK as a whole's feelings and beliefs.
Guess where millions of Turkish peasants and poor will seek to flock. That land of benefits and riches to be plundered whilst the creators and defenders of that largess get ever more suppressed and oppressed. When Enoch Powell said "We must be mad" he was right. That madness, however seems to be the greed and hunger for personal wealth and power that Bliar and now, sadly Cameron, appear to nurture.
I am so pissed off and angry with my own patient gullibility and overnight feeling of the frustrated impotence of a very small voice, ignored at the altar of ego and narcissism. Cameron may be the heir to Bliar but he is showing an awful lot of disdain for "us" as did Snotty and crew. Where the fu*k is Oliver Cromwell when you need him?

In deference to G.O.T I think we should adopt the name of IGOTS! Intelligent grumpy old twats! Being brighter than your Prime Minister seems to be very easy since 1989.


  1. Cameron took control of his Party exactly as did Bliar Labour. Grass roots sidelined, rules altered and a powerful secretive cadre developed to gain power. Possibly fortuitously he did not get a large majority. It will be Cameron that brings about an early election, not Clegg and Co.

  2. Captain Haddock27 July 2010 at 11:18

    Its taken Cameron just 10 weeks to show his true colours OR ..

    As, I think, I predicted he would sooner or later ..

    People are now claiming that they only voted "LibDem" as a joke (well, that certainly has the ring of truth about it) .. as joke indeed they are .. just not a funny one ..

    Will no-one, anywhere give us a true, proper Conservative leader ???

    David Davis, for god's sake, for the nation's sake please, please get cracking & do your stuff ..

    There are millions of us just waiting for you ..

  3. A sincere form of flattery OR.

  4. Can't disagree with you OR. Cameron's behaviour is a replica of Blair with his swannying around the world being benevolent with our hard earned cash.

    Surely someone somewhere can do something in the tory party or have they all lost their spines?

    William Hague has also turned out to be a great disappointment for me. He seems to have had a personality bypass since taking office and forgotten all he said previously.

  5. Don't beat yourself up OR.

    Millions were fooled by this slick bastard.

    At base, they are all the same. As disheartening as that is, the only real change lies in revolution.

    But people aren't angry enough.

    Not yet.


  6. Fooled once, fooled twice - I wasn't. As I told Indyhat the other day my sister was a lifelong Labour voter but she didn't vote Labour in '97, 2001, 2005, 2010.

    She said Blair/New Labour was dangerous, and she was right. And I listened to her. She told me Cameron was the same as Blair.

    She's a profiler you see, a criminal profiler.


  7. Like Blair before him he is doing the bidding of his master in Washington.

    America wants turkey in the EU ergo Britain wants Turkey in the EU. America is frustrated with Israel, and so therefore is Britain.

    I noted a change in the Afghanistan rhetoric after the “visit” where Cameron went to pay his respects at the throne of the president.

    I wonder what the next policy to come out of America will be....

    BTW: I showed your (or rather your wife’s) garden pictures round... everyone was mightily impressed (not to mention jealous!!).

  8. It's not politics or even money - it's POWER.

    Albert Einstein said it was rare to combine wisdom with power - so there we have it or should I have said "There, we've had it".

  9. Whilst I am not the sort to mindlessly support somebody merely because of the party they lead, I feel I must at least say a few words in defence of the current incumbant. To all those that appear to be soooo pleased with themselves at having apparently been proven correct in their fears, I would respectfully suggest that whilst Cameron hasn't got it all right (and I grant that he should have got more right than he has done) he has made much more progress that the last lot. As a people it seems that we are all too ready to assume the worst and denounce anybody who isn't Churchill!

  10. Atlas, I take absolutely no pleasure in feeling as I do. I believe most decent folk are caring and philanthropic. Sadly that is abused too often than not by the power hungry juveniles of modern day politics.

  11. Clarinda, nice to be compared to Einstein but "I'm not fit to gather the crumbs".....
    Steve, nice input; Tris, Mrs OR is most flattered; Conan, Ha!; CR, not yet but it's what's needed; Subrosa, still early days but the "Bubble, bubble..." looks ominous.

  12. OR - I think you have it in your reply to Atlas ("I believe most decent folk are caring and philanthropic.") So do I. When the fools who engineer their election to office ignore these folk, this does not lessen the care and philanthropy, it lessens the fools. By the way, I use the term 'fools' deliberately. They may consider themselves very clever - they have yet to appreciate the difference between wisdom and low animal cunning.

    Atlas - can't agree with you old son. Cameron does not deserve your principled defence. He has spoken a great deal but said very little. The much trumpeted 'cuts' are nothing of the sort but a slowing of the rate of growth of public spending. That is still growing. The rumours of 25-40% reductions in departmental budgets are no more than that, rumours to test the water; to see how the gullible hoi polloi will react.

    He knows that the obvious way to save money is to leave the EU but his masters will not let him. He therefore presents himself as something he is not. A charlatan in other words. The other 640-odd MPs are like jackals circling the kill waiting for a morsel of something to fly their way. The kill, need I add, is the not-quite-dead body of Great Britain.

    I piss on them all.

  13. So what are we to do? If the majority of the public are resigned to their fate (or just plain uninformed, uncaring, whatever)
    I cannot see a way ahead. Well actually I can but it involves armed uprising but I just can't bring myself to behave like an American!

  14. You're right to example America Atlas, ammunition sales have jumped 45 per cent there in the last six months! I have a friend who lives near a small town in Tennesee; gun fights every night, minutemen v Hispanics v blacks.

    Don't think it could never happen here.


  15. Steve, we left Brum six years ago. very Tennessee back then, let alone now!

  16. Atlas - what can any one man do? Each minute of every day we are faced with choices and the decision we make at the time must be guided by principle, sound judgment and honesty. Keep things black and white; as soon as grey is introduced we are in the realm of the duplicitous, the politicians and other arses.

    I say this from the lofty height of many years, but as I look back I can see where the grey appears like a fog and I realise that I teach best that which I most need to learn!

    Idedntify the Ungodly and cut the fuckers off at the knees. Metaphorically of course, but as you imply, the day may come where they could (like Witherington from The Battle of Chevy Chase) be 'fighting on their stumpes'

  17. Oh Fuck no!!! don't we have enough American exported F'in Turkey at bleedin Xmas, foul dry shit that lasts for sodding weeks and makes you wish you were vegetarian, I won't allow it in the house and I'm F'ed if I'll have it shovelled onto me by the EU!!! Sod em! Kebab houses were just the thin end of the wedge...
    Cameron...don't get me started by comparing him to that lying murderer Blair they're not in the same league, hopefully Cameron will be putsched before he makes it as far...

  18. Must we wait for Mr Right or accept Mr Right Now? Gentlemen, I have read your words and I retreat before their fury.

  19. Too true, Camerons unexpected remarks about Turkey and Gaza might come to seem the end of the Coalitions honeymoon.

  20. Just remembered the mournful remark of a grizzled eastender old 'un, " When I proposed to Miss Right I didn't realise her first name was 'Always'"...

  21. I've rarely felt so bad for being right about something, OR, but as you know, I've been very suspicious of iDave for some time although I realise a lot of people pinned a hell of a lot of hope and trust on this lying NWO cnut!

    Perhaps we're all in the Bloody Intelligent Grumpy Old Twat Society.... well, that's what the Gorgon of Brownfinger already thinks of people like us. ;-)

  22. BS, perhaps we may be known as ingot IGOTs.

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