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Sunday, 11 July 2010

When Labour Fell From Power!

I Really Did Cry With happiness!!

Then I watched, this morning, Lord Of The Pies take on the smug, superior arrogance of an old fashioned toff. Priceless! Suddenly The Lords is a special and holy place, a veritable grail of politics! We need a better word for hypocrite, we really do.


  1. The fact that the lazy supine British public hasn't insisted that someone close the bloody place down and turf the sponging cretins out onto the street is incredible to my mind.

    We just take whatever these bas****s throw at us.

    If you are going to represent the people you should be elected to do so.

    In fact the ones that anger me much more than the hypocrites like Prescott are the ones who have actually been rejected by the people, voted out of office because we don't like them, or want them, or think they are crap, being put upstairs in a "we know better than you" kind of way.

    That is intolerable surely and an insult to democracy that we seem to fight so many wars and lose young soldier for in various parts of the world......

  2. Great response, Tris, many thanks. You are spot on that rewarding sycophancy, despite failure and rejection might well trump hypocrisy!

  3. It's a hard one to call oldrightie!!


  4. Captain Haddock11 July 2010 at 17:54

    "We need a better word for hypocrite, we really do" ...

    How about simply .... "Prescott" ??

    As in ...

    Harriet Harman is a total "Prescott" for assisting her husband to jump over her own all-female candidates list to become an MP ..

    Or ..

    Diane Abbott is a complete "Prescott" for sending her son to a private school, whilst publicly decrying others for doing the same ..

  5. Captain H, indeed was not Hoon used to describe a cnut?
    Tris, it is, it is!

  6. Captain Haddock11 July 2010 at 21:06

    Absolutely OR ..

    In the same way that "Kinnock" was used as a general term of abuse in the 80's ...

  7. Haddock's bang on with this.

    Prescott (verb)

    To say one thing, then do the exact opposite.

  8. The Baron's New Clothes - just be grateful they're materially opaque in comparison with the Emperor's transparent variety.

    With that thought - I may delay my lunch, though I doubt the Baron of Hulk would stall any repast.

  9. Ah, Clarinda, I've missed you!

  10. Captain Haddock12 July 2010 at 12:16

    I don't really believe in coincidences .. but isn't it strange how the names for various types of arsehole ("Hoon", "Kinnock" and now "Prescott") have all stemmed from Labour politicians ?