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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Two Faced Still Around?

How Disappointing.

Care for the elderly "commission" to consider a compulsory tax on death or ageing highlighted in today's Telegraph. How so little decency and honour exists in our political class and their mandarin acolytes. Here was I so pleased to be rid of the two faced, lying corruption of Blair and Labour only to witness a more sinister coalition of faces. It would now seem that a coalition of two faced bastards means we are lumbered with four faces of corruption and a bewildering target or targets to aim at. Well, for starters, if this further increase in stealth taxation goes ahead it will only hasten the coming revolution. For pities sake what is the point of elections when promises are so easily pissed on with great alacrity and even joy at power over decency. It really is abysmal and so very sad and very dangerous.


  1. Been thinking sadly about your post all day OR. Thinking, for example, how in certain circumstances there are those cads who will say, 'I told you so' and how grateful you must be that old Caratacus is not of their number...

    The slimy double-dealing bastards (of all political hues) are driven by one thing and one thing only - to gain office and having gained it to hold on to it for as long as possible. Absolutely nothing else even comes close. Once they've plumped their fat useless arses on their leather benches they pay us as much attention as they would an empty dinner plate. ("Oh seconds of the steak and kidney, and a gander at the pudding wagon. Chop chop"). I am more certain than ever that their strings are being pulled by nasty money-grubbing shysters in the background who regard the rest of us as peasants and pawns to be casually drafted hither and yon according to whether they had a successful foray to the lavatory department that morning. They could easily (oh so easily) reduce governemnt spending by 50% by implementing a few genuine conservative measures. This would free up enormous sums for tax cuts AND the provision of public services, such as those which prompted your post. But this would not be granted by the faceless bastards who are determined to see us subsumed into the EUSSR and emasculated for once and for all. There are so many who should be indicted for treason.

    And if you're reading this at GCHQ - Fuck you too.

    I love this country, what's left of it, and the values that I've held dear and tried to live up to for so long. And these areseholes have pissed all over it laughing while they did it.

    The memsahib is regarding me with a basilisk eye and looking thoughtful, I notice. Perhaps I'd better change the subject...

    Aren't plums cheap?

  2. And now Cameron insults an entire generation by saying we were the junior partner in the fight against the nazis in 1940! We were alone you silly bugger. France - as usual - had fallen on her back and opened her legs, and the dear old USA was standing back to see how Adolf got on before making a decision. Eton and Oxford - what a stunning education this lad's had.

    And we can rely on the BBC to make a bad situation worse - Germany declared war on the USA in 1941, not the reverse.

    Going to work now to spend the next few hours in the company of people who may not have much but at least are honest and can look at themselves in the mirror without blinking!

    Pip pip.

  3. I don't want to, but I'm beginning to agree with you old horse! Cameron has batted a couple of cracking sixers to be fair, yet he's also missed a fair number of easy shots as well. I think it's the inconsistency that upsets me!

  4. Thank you both! Atlas, are you still shrugging these days!

  5. And we can rely on the BBC to make a bad situation worse - Germany declared war on the USA in 1941, not the reverse.

    Ye Gods. Watch the old World at War series and you will see former US officials confirm that if Hitler had not declared war on the US they might well have confined their attention to the Pacific as 'their war'.

    There is no 'special relationship' except in the craven minds of the throat-baring media. The public aren't so stupid. Thatcher had a special relationship with Reagan - she thought and argued - he grinned and sometimes listened.

    But that was it. Roosevelt much preferred Stalin to Churchill to the extent of conniving with Stalin against Churchill. Truman hated us. Ike, via Dulles, destroyed Eden. LBJ humiliated Wilson when Wilson visited Washington. Heath ignored Nixon. Callaghan tried to pal it up to Carter which was like palling up to an incompetent version of Jerry Lewis.

  6. Jim - I was nodding vigorously until you got to Jerry Lewis. I liked Jerry Lewis, ee made oi larff. Jimmy Carter didn't, except when Alan Coren said that until he heard Carter's mother speak he had never before heard anyone pronounce the word 'egg' using eleven vowels.

  7. Caractacus,

    Point taken. That was unfair on even the most inane of Mr Lewis's characterisations.

    I recall Mz Lillian's comments on Teddy Kennedy's run against her son for the Democratic Party nomination in 1980, 'Ah show hope nuthin happens to him'.

    It was only then that I began to like her.

  8. Thank you Jim - PMSL. Now going up into the loft to find my old copy of "The Peanut Papers".

  9. Ooooh, still mad. when mad don't post. Oh, post all you like, OR is a kindred spirit - he will forgive.

    Successive British governments since WWII have passively accepted the idea that the Americans are out creditors and principal market and that the people love the Americans. I don't love or dislike the Americans any more than I do the Germans. I've visited many parts of both countries and can honestly say that in terms of liberal attitude, natural hospitality, ability to speak English I much prefer the Germans. See? Totally impartial.

    OK, I dislike the French but only their men - not their lovely women.

    Now, where was I?

    Oh yes... Heath didn't. It's a cleft stick OR. The EU is what we know it to be and I can't disagree with your viewa on it. But it's better than deference to the Moronic Inferno that is the United States.

  10. Heath didn't like anybody, I didn't like him either come to that, but I respected his passionate conviction that by drawing together the various antipathetic European states we may avert future wars of the type he had fought through himself. Where he went wrong was not trusting the British people with the truth. Ho hum.

    I like the Germans too, especially the Bavarians. Gross Gott but can they drink beer. If it was just us and the Germans I think things would rub along quite well. The French, however, as is their wont, poison every bloody thing they come into contact with. The Greeks and Italians shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the till and the Spanish don't bloody well wake up until 5pm when the rest of Europe has done home for the day.

    Harrrumph, where was I? Oh yes. Bollocks to the EUSSR, bollocks to the USA, we're absolutely fine as we are thank you very much. Now, if you'd be so kind as to redeploy your considerable carcases elsewhere gentlemen, we have an economy to rebuild.

  11. Gruss Gott isnt' it? Greet God not - Gross Gott - Big God. Also, in Berchtesgaden, they say, 'Ciao' rather than, 'Wiedersehen' as a valedictory after serving you schnitzels the size and shape of Australia.

    Lovely people.

    OR, I haven't forgotten the German commercial flight over the midlands who wanted to know what that big city to starboard was.

  12. Jim - quite right too, came over all phonetic there. I remember the bagels with salt crystals the size of sugar cubes all over them, and lovely representatives of the wanderjahre in the alps. And the ever present smell of cow shit wherever I went.

  13. And the ever present smell of cow shit wherever I went.

    Ah yes, happy memories. Bit like Yorkshire really.

  14. It comes to something when, having reshaped the world in our image, we have to crawl into bed with the abusive partner that is America and whisper that no no we still love them and it's all our fault. We should announce that we will recommence any further dialogue with the 'Good Ol' US of A when they've given us our colony back!

  15. Great discussion, you guys. JB, I was there when the Lufthansa R/T exchange was made. Had to leave my position due uncontrollable laughter. Only been to The States for a six week training course in Miami. Germany I love and France. Indeed Europeans per se other than the politicians!