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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Taxing Tax?

It's The Sheer Incompetence I Hate!

Since late last year I reached the age when a smidgen of my 48 years of paying tax was reluctantly returned. Taxed, naturally. Now, initially the tax office failed to note this important milestone so I gave them a nudge. Then the ess aitch one tee kicked in. Hours of automatic phone voices, pounds of wasted phone calls without a human being to answer. When they did, surly and unhelpful. Now, is it rocket science? Is it reasonable? Are they understaffed? Are they lazy, incompetent office politicians or Eloys? All I know is what a way to run a country. All I ever here is they get paid huge bonuses and for what? Screwing the little folk whilst cocking a very large "deaf 'un" to the billionaire Mandleson types et al? Bloody useless, moronic, pathetic time wasters. never mind bonuses, they should face loss of job and pension for uselessness. Is there anything to do with their being based in Scotland? Do Scots get a better deal at our expense? At least hours hanging on a phone would be cheaper. They can even pop round for a cosy chat in Edinburgh!


  1. If HMRC are a reflection of public service "delivery" then we are in an even bigger mess!

  2. I've been waiting now for almost a year . . . .it's a joke!

  3. Not a funny joke, though, Madame!