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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Special Relationship?

Lest We Forget........ it came about in the modern era. The poll on Obama's attitude to The UK ended today, on the right hand panel. Fascinating timing! 97% of votes cast said he is anti-British. I think so to. The BP oil leak handling is pure "Maxim gun" syndrome wherebye commercial gain is sought out of war or catastrophe. If Obama could have/can gobble up BP via Exxon, cheaply, nice work if you can get it. As for the crocodile tears over Lockerbie, that's a bit rich when most Bilderbergers are American so far.
The special relationship was forged with the blood of Americans defending the World against oppression and dictatorship in two World wars. Regardless of the down sides to American dominance over the years it has been better to date than any alternatives. When being critical we needs must be balanced too. Not unlike our criticism of the fledgling Coalition. Time and hindsight are the most successful tools of armchair philosophy!


  1. The Special Relationship is between Britain and the USA, Obama is merely a here today gone tomorrow President.

  2. Tomorrow would be good, Banned!