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Sunday, 18 July 2010

So we wait....

What Little Afghanistan Means When Compared To This.

With much respect to Spidey at;


  1. The new veneer of the coalition has now completely rubbed off, OR, I was, (call me an old cynic), always sceptical about Cleggeron but now, instead of sitting back, observing and attempting to figure out what they are actually up to, the gloves are off again - everything that's happened over the last week, (the Great Repeal Swindle, no British burkha ban and now this outrage in Dudley), have only confirmed the fact that I was absolutely right to be sceptical.

    Thanks, OR for posting and backlinking - it's crucial that as many people as possible know about this - I think that this event show us all exactly what we're up against - and it's a truly frightening prospect

  2. Spidey, I take on board all you say but this has not been happening over the last few weeks but since the early sixties, onwards. I quote; "We must be mad"!

  3. Quite right OR - this has been going on since the sixties; my fear is that Cameron and Clegg are continuing that tradition. I really REALLY wanted to be proved wrong but the 'cast-iron' guarantee on the EU referendum, the Repeal bollocks, the economic illiteracy of protecting the NHS and postal-orders-to-foreign-dictators from inclusion in the long overdue cost-cutting exercise... think I'd better shut up now.

    Tell you what - when I hear Cameron tell the corrupt EU that enough is enough and that Britain is no longer prepared to chuck container loads of cash in the general direction of our would be Obergruppenfuhrers; when he tells Fatty Clarke (hugely over-rated in my humble op, and quite prepared to see innocent men go to prison in the Matrix Churchill affair) to shut up, get some prisons built and make them places of such terror that criminals will behave themselves rather than go there; at this point I feel the gentle and restraining hand of my good lady wife as she gestures wordlessly to the generous measure of Macallan's finest that has appeared unbidden on the starboard bow. Now I'll shut up!

  4. Meanwhile, in an Islamic Parliament somewhere, the passage of the Member's Bill for the Standardisation of Stones (Amendment No.8) receives a quiet show of hands and is carried through to the next reading.

    How grateful we should all be that the benign influence of the Prophet (blessings be upon him) is increasing everyday in our backward land.

  5. One of the great pleasures of life is just seeing what happens next, I doubt if we will need to wait until 2019 for this episode.

  6. Get a life!

    The Tories are the best on offer at the moment - minority parties don't win elections. Or form governments.

    We have the least worst option. Otherwise it's Labour. Got it?