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Thursday, 8 July 2010

A Refreshing Change.

To get An Apology From A Minister!

Unlike Labour, this Government do not see itself as a branch of the entertainment industry. As for the error for which the guy fessed up, I suspect a lot of labour 2sleepers" will be doing quite a lot of attempted sabotage during the coming years. Trouble for those cretins honesty and decency trumps underhand nastiness eventually. Note how most of the billions of pounds earmarked but not actually existing, (there's no money left) were destined for Labour heartlands! Note too, how Cameron defers to his cabinet colleagues as PMQs. No control freakery Snotty and Bliar crap. Long may it last, even when they do get, inevitably, the odd thing wrong.Anything but anything better than Labour and leftie spite against those who do well in life.
Except of course Lord of The Pies, Barren Prescott, the Kinnock dysfunctional dynasty of EU crooks and the billionaire arms dealer and oil baron Bliar! Such an endless list. Do add your favourites!


  1. he keeps making mistakes though8 July 2010 at 16:06

    Gove is still a trougher though. £150 lamps indeed ! So nice he had two of the blighters - on us of course.

  2. Gove inherited a disorganised and chaotic department along with even worse quango's. He is going to have to sort that lot and do a lot of sacking.

  3. Gove inherited a disorganised and chaotic department- or Country's finances?