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Monday, 12 July 2010

Quelle Surprise!

A Pachyderm Lit UP!

A mole of Oldrightie's sent this picture from this meeting;

It has been some time coming for a major scientific body to raise this matter in a manner even the chatterati cretins will need to take notice of. If ever there was one single reason why the Roman Catholic Church needs to consider the damage it's stubborn adherence to dogma, in the face of reality, as to why God's Earth is overrun with the plague of mankind, this is it. All hail the awakening of a scientific body and the falling of scales from eyes! Furthermore, it's not about AGW but about pollution. Guess what, crowded, slum ridden cities are several degrees hotter than anywhere else! Cracking drop of rain here this morning!


  1. I suspect as in the retelling of the ancient Indian tale 'The Blindmen and the Elephant' -
    - even when a pachyderm presence is recognised, the facts will remain undetected or misrepresented by too many vested interests of those professing to know what the 'real' problem, never mind the solution - is?

    If millions are poured into NHS 'homeopathy' despite medical science to the contrary of its claims - what hope global contraception - perhaps a Morning After Placebo?

  2. But even if the Catholics suddenly stop breeding the Muslims are still going to over-run us...

    "Cracking drop of rain here this morning!" - Must be one of those "Extreme Weather Events" caused by Global Warming....

  3. Clarinda, the disgraceful whitewash over the Norwich emails is proof of your theory! Md, the Muslims are as vulnerable to indiscriminate breeding as anyone. More stones, please?