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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Plus ca change?

More Climate Crap Seeps Out Of The Rotten Woodwork.

Well at least there are fewer polluting human beings!

So, amidst much fanfare and MSM collusion, the newly cleansed, holier than thou Met Office have produced new data procedures and a new recipe for the brainwash fluid beloved of our masters. Only a few short months but all is changed and this "unarguable" mess of pottage is served to the gullible populations to soften us up for yet more ill advised tax increases and heat related deaths on a great scale of magnitude.

Now this tasty dish was created whilst feasting at some Turkish 6 star resort in February and it was said that, "But the reassessment, which will take an international group of experts three years to complete, will be seen as a tacit admission that previous reports have been tainted by the association with the University of East Anglia's controversial Climatic Research Unit."

So how come, I ask, have we reached this three year period in just 5 months? Every utterance on this AGW subject has as much credibility, via the MSM, as the adulterer's statement to the cheated partner, "It's only sex!". As the previous inept regime of supposedly socialist clowns sought to secure a moral superiority over its slaves, so this lot need to ensure the pachyderm of overpopulation of the planet by the most stupid herd leaders, is reinvigorated.
Beware global warming, folks, it might kill you/us. Then again so might burdensome taxation and unaffordable energy costs but hey, the NWO will have more room for their own debauchery! The Met Office, the vanguard of the AGW army. Very well funded and more air miles than the rest of us put together. Remember Copenhagen? Pah!
If you need a little help on the science, check our OR's AGW bible, , then consider which you prefer as a decent reference for the science, last year's BBQ summer and mild winter predictors, or the icecap approach.


  1. Thanks for the link to icecap OR. V. informative.

    Next thing you know, HM Gummint will be trying to tell us that the world is round and not flat as we all know it to be.

    Keep this under your hat old man but I have heard that our Prime Minister is in the pay of the Continentals..... would explain a lot, I think.

    It's no good, can't keep the levity going - the buggers have been taking the piss too long. I fully expect to be issued a face-mask with a fresh-air meter attached for taxation purposes in the very near future. Still - at least we would be protected from the full ghastliness of the Flabbott. A face-mask would be SUCH an improvement. Or would MP's be exempt?

  2. Yes, a very informative site indeed. Just a shame that they're far too rational and sensible to ever be taken seriously. Happily though, Caratacus, now that the Labour Party/ Lying, theiving, good for nothing, absolute waste of rations that possess between them not one single redeeming feature (call them what you like) have been relagated to the opposition, we don't have to look at any of them any more! Truly there is a silver lining to every cloud!

  3. Hi, both. Cracking comments and I must say, Atlas, you are so right about Liebour but are they alone? Certainly, in Federal Europe they are the blueprint!

  4. That site worries me. AGW is the thing many of us have doubts about, with the emphasis on the 'A'. They have a few non-questions in their FAQ 'Is CO2 a pollutant?', for example. Nobody sensible on either side of the argument uses that word.

    CO2 is a greenhouse gas all right. ask anybody who used to live on Venus without a/c. But there is more trouble locked up in deep sea frozen methane than all the 747s in the world could cause in a billion years. If the argument is to be rational it has to concentrate on whether we are making any difference.

    Never seen you say otherwise, OR. Just saying, for the record (like).