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Friday, 23 July 2010

Personal Musings.

One Of Many Superb Clips!

Wednesday saw Mrs OR showing a small group of garden visitors around. Next Wednesday her final NGS opening for a large, two coach party from The Wirral who are including her garden in their outing to The Marches. The post election period coincided with our busiest time in the garden and so my blogging has been lighter than when driven by the anger and disgust at our erstwhile Labour regime and the maniac allowed to piss on us all from his bunker.
This has meant an avid though more relaxed approach to politics and thus blogging.
My personal judgement so far? A Curates egg that might yet make an acceptable omelette!
Time alone will tell but when I caught a flash of QT, the baying and pathetic ignorance of the left was palpable in its frustration and good old fashioned denial. Whilst millions suffer from the economic maelstrom heaped upon us by Labours' pornographic relationship with bankers and oil companies, that pair of jokers, Khan and Crow, sat smugly in their two grands worth of bespoke tailoring, spouting complete denial of any need to rescue our bankrupt State. Dear Lord in Heaven we have a stupid population who blindly allows the likes of those two to lead them by the nose into the slaughter house of Socialist dogma and carcass stripping ideology. Give me The Coalition any day, warts and all!!


  1. The Wirral is claimed to have been one of the areas of Viking settlement long ago. When they have been I would count the spoons and check you still have a mower if I were you.

  2. what a strange aspect of a region's history to focus on. By that token OR should be wary of them raping and pillaging! Happily there will be clues as to their intent. If the coach has a line of shields down either flank and the occupants have horned helmets on, then you'll know to reach for your sword!

  3. May I recommend the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk III .303 sword OR?

    Can't be too careful these days...

  4. Pah! The deft application of cannon should work wonders!

  5. I still suffer from "303" shoulder!! As for cannon, well, Atlas, "the five hundred"?