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Thursday, 15 July 2010

O'Leary Gets A Slapping!

A Rare Occasion When A Loudmouth Gets Shafted!

One of life's mysteries must be how "cheap" flights are still expensive! The likes of this cretin, O'leary, treat only their customers more unpleasantly than their competitors. Today he was forced to apologise to Stelios from Easyjet and reminded me of the dreadful rip off so called cheap flights can be. My last encounter was with BMI baby. I used their flight not for the cost saving but the flight time convenience. As ever with these cheapos, it was a big mistake. Now I know there are times when a reasonably low fare can be obtained but it needs all sorts of contortions to achieve. If anyone knows of any simple ways to beat the add- ons, do tell. My experience, even as a retired pilot, is that it is never, ever what it "says on the tin"! The only OK people I've flown with, though still a rip off on "extras", is Monarch. Mind you, if it is ever a choice between Babypuke or Ryanscorn, I will be in trouble!!


  1. An apology from O'Leary?

    Bloody hell, they'll be telling me Raoul Moat has risen from the dead.

  2. You mean Moat's not on Facebook, Cato?

  3. Jings OR I'd forgotten how funny that video really is. You've cheered up a mature woman.

  4. The most attractive are mature, Subrosa!

  5. Captain Haddock16 July 2010 at 11:03

    Surely, the answer is one of simple economics ? ..

    Unless you really have to, don't fly with them, if you're paying the fare .. (if you're flying on business, then someone else is paying anyway) .. in fact don't fly with any of them ..

    The sooner they're made to realise that the paying public are not to be taken for granted & are not a money-making machine, the sooner things will change ..

    I haven't had a foreign holiday since 1997 (oddly enough, flying Monarch from Gatwick to Pisa) .. so, they've made zilch out of me ... And guess what ?

    I'm still alive to tell the tale ... ;)

  6. Captain H, I fully endorse your comments. In my case, Mrs OR's folks live abroad, so duty calls. However, I have never flown Ryanripoff and will never, ever again fly BMIpuke!