Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Oldrightie gets lazy!

A Beautiful Day.

After many weeks of under-gardening, this lovely summer continues but with a slightly fatigued OR! So, today, I decided to take a day off my small efforts at "putting the world to rights"! Mind you, it is about attracting others to join forces for a mass gnat attack on the Bilderbergers! So here is one of my favourite pieces of music, should it give any one else as much pleasure as it does me, gazing out over a glorious day and readying to pop to Church. Have a wonderful summer and pray for all those less fortunate.


  1. Morning OR. What an unusual rendition of the arrangement - enjoyed it very much.

    Wet here but summer wet if you understand that. Relax today you deserve it. My under-gardener will not have holiday until at least September. He's reduced his hours to around one a week at the moment.

  2. Hi, dear Subrosa, thank you as ever! x.

  3. That was lovely - thank you - have a good day in your beautiful garden.

  4. Thank you, OR. It's one of my favourite duets (though I still prefer Jussi Bjorling).

  5. That was beautiful. Thank you