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Friday, 2 July 2010

Nanny is alive and well?

Whose fault Is It?

More (pun alert) food for thought. As in the post about Tesco expansion and my admitting to falling for the brainwashing, there is the issue of obesity, highlighted today. (Reuters) - The National Health Service must direct more money to tackling health inequalities in England to have any chance of narrowing a 7-year gap in life expectancy between the rich and poor, a spending watchdog said on Friday. .
I hate Globalisation and it's grip on manipulative power. Goldman Sachs come in for flak today for the food derivatives market, , whilst Bilderbergers blithely reap the profits of starvation. Meanwhile our NHS is tasked with "closing the mortality gap" between rich and poor. Now this is not "rich" rich but those middle classes in possession of brain cells who decide that junk food served at breakneck speed and shoveled down even faster, is not a good way to live your appetites. OR faced a dangerous addiction to "riboflavin" which is pumped into foods to increase appetite. One of the main sources of this abuse is the world-wide refinery storage of rendered animal waste fluids. These materials are disposed of through your, mine and our pets and farm animals guts. Now, since a talking to from my father-in-law last February, I have dropped snacks, reduced my cheese intake and no longer, or very rarely eat crisps or processed food. A small but easily done thing. So far my weight has dropped by one stone and six pounds (to 13 stones in old money). My exercise regime is not manic or obsessive but will be increased as I get fitter, to try and gain a better weight. Sorry to get so personal. My point is this, we can all do it if we wish. Now those who fail to control their obesity are not solely to blame, in my opinion. Indeed if their lifestyle is happy but seven years shorter, surely those lost years are better than a lifetime of miserable dieting. Yet, a good and enjoyable eating pleasure does not have to be junk food. That is a requirement of the food processing and selling industry. An industry every bit as manipulative as their local manifestations in our supermarkets. Trust me, locally produced foods, transported but a few miles from where it is reared or grown, has more to offer in healthy living than anything the NHS should be doing to nanny us into changing our perceptions of how we should live our lives. That is not conducive to a global, Bilderberger controlled, rendered wast processing industry, though, is it? Nanny Bilderberger knows best!


  1. Thank you OR - the lady Memsahib and I are taking a spot of leave next week and are off to Turkey for a bit of R+R. Been there before and love the place; hint of sun, friendly natives, wonderful cuisine + so forth. Reason for thanking you is for the reminder of what awaits; yes, enormous Germans and Russians. It really is a puzzle to me how they locomote about the place without mechanical aid. They eat more at dinner than would be required to feed a small African village, drink inordinate quantities of beer, fart then go to bed. The men are just as bad.

  2. Have a very special holiday and watch out for broken chairs!