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Saturday, 10 July 2010

More Blood?

Fame Is Expensive!

It is costly in lives sacrificed to satisfy the lust of celebrities for the trappings of wealth and fame. Poppy fields in Afghanistan and elsewhere, diamond mines in Africa, slave labour copycat factories. An almost inexhaustible list of the service costs celebrity demands. Pseudo charity works fail frequently to disguise the usually hidden excesses of drugs, hedonism and trafficking. Much of this is traded via the MSM and commercial outlets desperate to seduce the less able and sometimes the more able, into a life-style designed to enrich not only Bilderbergers but their voracious mafia friends. This perfect example of modern culture, above, is about to give evidence of diamonds exchanged for whatever. The human cost of these "blood" diamonds is just a barely considered irritant when getting to the top of the cash mountain of debauchery and excess. Ain't life grand? Well, except for the poor.


  1. According to one report her hair is falling out. Given what I have read about the sort of shampoo's she and others so happily endorse it is possible that she is badly chemically contaminated. Yeah, well.

  2. I suggest you are spot on, Demetrius.