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Saturday, 31 July 2010

How Much...................

Does It Cost To Cosset These Two On The Right

I woke to hear the news this morning that Huntley is to sue for the injury he suffered earlier in the year. So who suggested he do this? Which solicitor decided there's gold in them there jails? Some greedy, no better than a politician, little money grubber, no doubt. Still, it's a living, I guess and a cracking route into politics.


  1. Captain Haddock31 July 2010 at 10:43

    As you quite rightly point out OR .. there's no difference between greedy, lying Lawyers & greedy, lying Politicians, which probably explains the ease with which failed Lawyers slither so easily and fit so comfortably into the other "Job" ...

    As for what it costs to cosset the two creatures mentioned in the article .. my personal feeling is that a single penny spent on them is a penny too much ..

    That's where this country has gone totally to rat-shit ..

    When our Troops, injured whilst on active service have to fight tooth & nail to get looked after properly & can have their injury awards taken away if the government gets half a chance .. these animals look set fair to coin it in ...

    It just makes me want to puke ...

  2. Once Dave's managed his "Bonfire of Quangos" (if it ever happens) he could have a bonfire of "No Win, No Fee" solicitors....

    Count me in for a gallon of petrol to get the fire started.

  3. I thought you were talking about politicians at first then realised you meant lawyers!

  4. Could we not bill Huntly for his keep?

  5. Captain, well said; Atlas,there is rarely any difference, Dave, I'll put up the matches, Bugger, nice to see you. Every penny awarded should go to the victims' families.

  6. An "accident" in the showers would be a lot cheaper to arrange, as it would do the aforementioned lawyer out of his exorbitant fees.
    That only leaves the cost of a box to shove Huntley into and bury him, thus also saving the £40,000 every year that it costs to keep him in prison. ;-)

  7. I'd happily do the shoveling, BS.

  8. Captain Haddock31 July 2010 at 18:52

    A box ? ... A box ? ..

    Why not an empty bin-liner ? ..

    Then deep freeze him & store until just before November 5th .. defrost and "Hey-Presto", an instant Guy Fawkes ...

    Minimal cost & the public would get some entertainment from watching the bastard's corpse burn ..

    Everyone's a winner .. ;)

  9. "I'd happily do the shoveling, BS."

    I hope you're not suggesting he could end up as a new feature in your good lady's garden....

  10. I sincerely hope people will loudly protest about this. Yes, I understand our courts work by law and not morals, but there has to be a line somewhere.

    Don't forget, the parents of the two girls were each given £11,000 in compensation.

  11. Micro, allfertiliser is welcome! Subrosa, £11k was and remains an insult.

  12. On the unbiased-BBC I saw some old minge from the Prison Reform Trust trying to justify the compo claim by Huntley.

    What planet do these chuggers live on, fer Gawd's sake? seems to be down, but I daresay the Prison Reform Trust is taxpayer-funded in some way, and if it is, I look forward to Mrs. Minge and her colleagues being placed on Dave Cammo's funeral pyre of quangos at the earliest opportunity.

    We wouldn't have to tolerate this crap, or the expense of keeping them, if shites like Huntley went for the drop, in any case.

  13. Apart from the cost of the rope, very inexpensive procedure, KILLEM.

  14. Captain Haddock2 August 2010 at 11:00

    And if they're looking for a suitably willing person to "do the honours" .. I'm available, even at short notice ...

  15. Captain, word got out there were to be interviews and more people turned up than for the X factor crap!