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Friday, 9 July 2010

Harpy's Ignorance?

How Is It Manifested?

Sex equality and feminism are today and since the late sixties and early seventies, have become a burning issue for modern society and times. For me the complexity of this subject and the casual political input of the likes of Harperson drive me to despair. For she, the comfortable upper middle-class ivory tower permits a lazy approach to matters she can only be vaguely aware of. So very chatterati. She is not alone.
Why do I make this generalisation? It is because I adore the opposite sex and their greater propensity for decency than there male counterparts. The natural instincts of women are to nurture, protect and teach. For men, to provide, hunt and shelter. To regard those instincts as superfluous to modern life is madness. As mad as is the confusion sown when those instincts are given the same dogmatic labels such as AGW alarmists produce. Ergo, to be anti-feminism is to be misogynistic.
Our culture relies heavily on tapping into commercial opportunities to exploit the human condition. Be it for political or financial ends. Thus some dreadful lines get blurred. For me the most telling is the suggestion that cruelty to women is the same as hatred of women. I believe, instinctively, that cruelty is born of frustration, brutishness, jealousy, ignorance and lack of male self-esteem but not hatred. I realise that misogyny, like any hate, provokes violence and that there is, of course a link. However to argue that female equality is the holy grail to end all injustices to women is a nonsense. Women are superior in many ways to men and have only physical characteristics that preclude certain necessities for physical power. Thus my argument is that misogyny is not as prevalent as nastiness, sadism or bullying. The dreadful and successful pornographic industry revels in such debasement and portrayal of women being abused for the sexual pleasure of men. That imagery misses the point entirely. It's very tenet and content displays the worst aspects of stupid men and their fear of the superiority of the fairer sex. The only release for such ignorance is to destroy the painting and the art that is femininity and decency.
Now if we go one suggestion further, I argue that misogyny has to be a collective ideal to have any value as a description of belief and behaviour. The older, more medieval societies display such groups for whom their own fears and inadequacies have been encouraged to lead to a genuine held misogyny. If we are not careful, we could engender that group reaction. There are already signs and our Harriet and her sisterhood are oblivious to their own contribution to turning fear into hatred. A perfect example of this is her willingness to forego her public principles for the private advancement of her hubby and union baron. How is this connected? By the wielding of her powerful position she belittles others and highlights small minded, male fears of strong women such as to create greater frustration and a dangerous canker, that can lead to hatred. Just as the constant daily diet of images of the perfect sexual object of male fantasy engenders frustration and the need for the release of the pursuant anger at the average males' inadequacies.
Nope, strident feminism harms both male and female roles in society. Instinct is a much better starting point to combat hatred. Confusion is not a desirable factor in any human activity but is used often enough in our so called modern world to sell goods and ideas. We need a much kinder approach to sex and pornography. The former eschews hatred, the latter reaps profit from it. It would seem there is more money in unpleasantness than there is in love!


  1. Bit heavy for an early morning!

  2. I am very saddened that this short essay has been so diffidently received. However, that response allows me a Pontious Pilate hand wash!

  3. Men fight for the admiration of women OR. Just like males in all other species.

    Women were the ones who pressed white feathers on young men not in uniform during WW1.

    They are just people, no more or less decent than men.

  4. Absolutely, Jim but with different instinctive psychological and physical characteristics.