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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Gove Does The Cove!

A New Prescott?

Gove's opposite number is, of course, Blinky Cojones, who is running for leader of the Labour party and so wants to sound as aggressively anti-Tory as he possibly can. In his case, this is not difficult.

He probably sounds aggressively anti-Tory when he buys a bus ticket. He said that everyone's initial shock at the various lists had turned to outrage. Balls is also easily outraged. He gets outraged at the point that you or I would register "mildly annoyed".

Gove decided that it was time to take on the class loudmouth. The anger, he said, was indeed felt by everyone – everyone who had seen the last government waste billions on a hopeless schools building programme, "and the fact that one individual had received £1.3 million in consultancy fees".

Somewhat emasculated, if you ask me. They never expected their lackeys left behind would be so soundly out of their depth. Love it!


  1. This guy has just got to be the new Liebour Leader.

    John Humphreys tied Blinky up in knots so easily about the economy deficit on Radio 4 this morning that I almost felt sorry for him - nah he's still a twat.

  2. Thanks for that, Pete, I was otherwise engaged as a witness in court!

  3. There's a serious side to this too OR. We don't have an effective opposition because these labour people don't have the intelligence or skill to thoroughly scrutinise the government.

    Once upon a time we had the libdums and the tories doing the job and doing it well. Now we have nothing but one liners from posers.

    I do hope the right person won their case!

  4. Always look forward to your comments subrosa, usually so close to my thoughts.... how's that for sycophancy? However I must take issue with you here; it is my humble contention that we haven't had an Opposition worth the name since Enoch Powell advised us to vote Labour on that small matter of the EUSSR-to-be (in the days when Labour were agin it). Testicles' idea of opposition seems to be the simple gainsaying of the wind direction this day. For true opposition we must needs look to the depleted ranks of the true Conservatives. Listen, hark - scarcely a farty toot thus far. Ho hum.