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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Four Down, Two To Go!

Mrs OR 's Pound Of OR!

Today our power was off for tree pruning, down the lane. Though bereft to lose the WiFi, much was required to prepare for an NGS "by appointment opening" this evening. So here I am just saying that I was unavailable for most of today but hopefully back on song tomorrow morning. Well, out of tune but still singing. Mrs OR's garden keeps surprising as new plants appear just as the others fade. Almost like a firework display in slow motion. We also have a cherry tree producing masses of fruit. As we pass by we stop and graze! Both then complain of stomach ache. Still, some greed is self correcting!!
We have just two more openings for this year and then it's almost back to normal. Our charitable takings are looking very healthy and does add a good motive to do the work, as well as enjoy the results.


  1. I clicked on the pic. OR. Beautiful shot, lucky sod!

  2. Beautiful OR. I've lost so many bulbs but my lillies have survived and are just waiting their turn.

    Tell me the name of those in the photo please.

  3. It doesn't seem very long ago that very few people in this country grew lilies. The bulbs were expensive and prone to rot in heavy soil (unless planted on a big dob of sharp sand) and the dreaded scarlet lily beetle would catch out all but the most dedicated husbandry. People would not risk the expense for fear of getting no return.

    That picture shows why they are now so popular. Glorious flowers that open just as late Spring's best are going over. It lifts the heart.

  4. My best guess is White Americana, Mrs Rosa, but I claim no expertise.

  5. FB, Mrs OR congrats your expertise but advises this lily is Lily Regale, grown for its fragrance, Subrosa. So matches your good self!!