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Friday, 30 July 2010

Food for thought?

I Have Nothing To Add!!

Having said I have nothing to add, I do wish to say how much I hated the expressions on Rumple Stiltskin's face. There was the arrogant, smirking awfulness that lies behind every Bilderbergers' EU, unelected, commissioners' face. The "I've got the foreman's job at last" sort of thing. Now where are those guillotine pictures.


  1. Well said OR. The smug oily git rather makes a chap want to march on Brussels!

  2. It does, Atlas, it really does!

  3. Nearly fell out of my chair OR; called up your page expecting another splendid vista of Lady OR's garden and instead was blasted twixt the eyes by a photogravure of an american lady doing an appalling impression of Anne Robinson.

    I must go and recover myself. (potters off, still somewhat shell-shocked, in search of a stiffener. A little earlier than otherwise would have been the case). Good Lord.

  4. Caratacus, today is one of my drinking days, too! Wednesday saw us host our last "by appointment" opening, so the garden takes less of a precedence from now until next year. However there are still many days left to capture/enjoy her august August garden!
    Furthermore, Ms Palin is far nicer to look at than any other rightie politician I can think of except maybe in Italy.

  5. Ah yes, Sarah Palin. She's got...'huge tracts of land' but not much else going for her. Still that's about all that's needed for any measure of success in the rebellious colony some call 'U.S.A.'

  6. Absolutely brilliant!

    Farage speaks for all of us.