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Monday, 26 July 2010


Power And Arrogance.

As The Coalition continues to bed in to Government more and more details and evidence emerge that they have not even bothered to bed down with clean sheets. One example is The EU, highlighted by Barking Spider.

The "wiki leaks" documents go much further. They indicate how accurate bloggers, myself included, rage against the arrogant suppression of inconvenient truths from our Masters. Be it the AGW scams or the hidden truths of how dirty and incompetent our presence in Afghanistan always was going to be. One major weapon of The Taliban is the dragging into the fighting their own immoral attitude to civilian deaths. Not unlike the criminal gangs use of fear and torture to rule their empires, so centuries of invaders have given these people an edge of evil but a right of sovereignty.
Despite our average troops fighting as trained, in difficult conditions, behind the scenes anything goes. Yet our so called leaders push a "high ground" rhetoric and a propaganda of nobility. All the while this filth is peddled to gullible, shoulder shrugging, compliant populations, soldiers and civilians alike are slaughtered on an alter of greed and power mongering. Not only are we, back home in our national ghettos of consumerism for the profit of Bilderbergers, lied to and manipulated for grotesque ends, so are the very people dying on a daily basis. These leaks today are condemned as threatening national security. I think not. Our security is a pawn to be used by the grandmasters at any time they choose to sacrifice them for a chance to mate power. A well known adage is that truth is the first casualty of war. It is rarely the last. History will show that 9/11 was the catalyst that hastened the fall of Western style capitalism. Its replacement is already available to view.


  1. None so blind as will not see?

  2. There is nothing that makes me angrier than seeing helpless children suffering at the hands of adults, in whatever circumstances.

    When I see pictures such as the one you have posted today OR, I am moved almost to tears. And a rage towards the politicians who permit this - calculatingly - to happen. I detest them all and I will never trust them.

  3. Spot on, Caratacus.

  4. Several very good points but this

    outlines Americas use of forced labour in prisons, 3m prisoners, predominantly young black males producing vast quantities of military material that can be compared to slavery. Vid h/t captain ranty.

    Some opinions surfacing already that the wikileaks scoop is a 'black op' fed by the CIA, dunno about that but any security system that allows access to such a vast amount of information by a lowly Private has got to be wrong.

  5. Banned, I take what is a very valid input. However, the "Bilderberger" syndrome knows of no moral ground whatsoever, regardless of nation.

  6. The thing is... The 'leaks' are raw data... documents without any verification whatsoever with respect to validity or accuracy.

    Amazing how many people will claim that the climategate leaked documents are meaningless, but that the alleged Pentagon leaked documents must be absolute truth...

    Iuventus Stultorum Magister