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Friday, 16 July 2010

Breathtaking Chutzpah!

Where Politicians learn To Behave?

"(Reuters) - Citigroup Inc and AIG claimed that more than $11 billion (7 billion pounds) in loans were sales in the second half of 2009, masking the companies' risk level filings with the U.S. Securities, regulator showed."

Quietly, one of the major causes of your and my future difficulties under an intolerable burden of crippling debt and financial meltdown, is announced to regulators. Now much of this fiddle was on a massive scale, yet apparently unnoticed by our great and brilliant leaders. Our Snotty's brilliance led he and his mates to concentrate on in-fighting whilst possibly the biggest scam in history unfolded on their watch. Now that's being kind. Whilst this global slush fund washed about masking the incredible ignorance of politicians, especially in Europe, all were blithely claiming that the ankle deep slush was actually great and never ending prosperity. Well, for many it was and still is. Fines, knuckle rapping and so forth will not make one jot of difference to Bliar's or any other newly signed up members of the Bilderberger laundry's wealth. "Ask not from whence the cash is stolen, only ask if it has been carefully washed" is OR's suggestion for a motto for the very baseness of unfettered greed and the inevitable nastiness it brings. I well remember bankers boasting that drug "liquidity" had reduced the depth of their cash shortages. Such utter and despicable behaviour that causes so much misery to billions and such comfort to the worst of others.


  1. You and me will be paying, as will our young ones and the rest. We know who will not be paying and it numbers some well known figures in the Labour Party.

  2. It most certainly does, Demetrius.

  3. Here was I, back from hols and feeling more than usually chipper, and I bethought to myself, "Wonder what OR has to say about matters today?"

    Opened the page and a small black cloud hurtled into view and screeched to a halt above Chateau Caratacus. Memories of smiling natives urging me to have just one more leeetle Drambuie ("would Sir like ice?" "Don't be absurd my dear fellow, just let the tide ebb a little more from the bottle. Ah! nicely done") began to fade like a wonderful dream; the sun disappeared behind the aforementioned cloud and the rain began gently to fall.

    I glance ruefully toward the lance and shield, a mental note is made to have the armourer put a fresh edge to the battleaxe - the ungodly await...

  4. Welcome home, dear traveler. It's not as gloom and doom laden as it was six months ago!

  5. Thank you for that OR - Caratacus jury still out on the Coition Gummint but we shall see.

    Incidentally, your photo of the junior Loxodonta africana is enchanting. Little sods are little sods the world over! Look at the mischief in those faces. Love them to bits.