Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Monday, 19 July 2010

As History Tells Us........

In Afghanistan, So On Our Streets.

In the second clip note the euphemistic tone and words at the end of the clip. Then ponder for a moment a further clip;

I honestly believe that the way our political establishment has behaved, post 1945, is identical to the preceding 100 years. Stupid ideology and appeasement of minorities can only lead, eventually, to the very conditions we see happened in 1930s Germany. It may well not be in my lifetime and is certainly not on the MSM or BBC radar. There again stealth aircraft are not seen on radar! Alarmist I may be but as prosperity fades and austerity dominates Western society, unrest will grow. The management of wealth transfer Eastwards will be the critical catalyst and a more dramatic shift of power than even two world wars caused, will be experienced. Time alone will tell but I suspect the badly sown seeds by Bilderberger clans will be seen as inbred crop failure.


  1. As a dog returns to its vomit
    And a sow returns to its mire
    So the burnt fool's bandaged finger
    (altogether now)
    Goes wabbling back to the fire.

    In each of your youtube clips OR we must remember that every adult there has or had the vote. Yes - people often forget that Herr Schicklgruber was VOTED in. This is what troubles me most about our near future. I am well stricken in years and I am uncomfortably aware that I may yet live to see unspeakable horrors in my lifetime.

    Eee - it's being so cheerful as keeps us all going, tha noos!

  2. In many YouGov surveys questions are asked about how the respondent feels about a) Your personal life; b) Your local community; c)The UK in general; d)The world.
    I can say that my own life goes well just now, my community is very pleasant, relatively small (a major factor)and unselfish. The UK is better than it was but still a "basket case" woven by Labour and The Leftie idiots and the World tends to mirror The UK. So my own cheerfulness is tinged with guilt that life for many is not as good. Yet for others my life would seem dull and relatively poor. I never was cut out to be a Bilderberger. The decline and fall of Western Capitalism never was going to be fun now, was it?

  3. Agreed on all four points OR. My own life also is good for which I am most grateful and I never take it for granted. Despite the impression I may give occasionally, I am essentially an optimist. Even in turmoil and upset there is the inevitability of repair and regeneration. It's what we humans do best, with a little love and hard work.

  4. Caratacus, love and hard work go hand in glove! Both very lacking in "modern" Britain.

  5. Regeneration is right. There's a trend among the young in Japan now to look down on the materialism of their elders. Young women are reported to despise young men foolish enough to spend their money on flash cars. Maybe that attitude will spread. Despising the values of their elders is something the young are always good at. This time it could be a really good thing.

  6. Likewise I live in a good place but only because I sought it out and moved there from what became a bad place.
    From your vids, if the first lot ever fall for the third lot then we really will be in trouble and can thank the liberal establishment for it by letting the second lot in in the first place.