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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Another Dreadful Portent.

What A terrible Shambles.

Gordon Brown was under mounting pressure last night to withdraw British troops from Afghanistan after five of them were slaughtered by a rogue policeman. "

Then a repetition today and another barbaric crime.
What does this terrible act tell us? That we shall never win this stupid and ignorant conflict. I've said it before, 9/11 was to suck us into this and drain our wealth, in a decade long struggle or more, with only one long term result.
Our political system is all about short-termism and fails to recognise that the Muslim psyche is able to think on much longer time scales. I really believe that 9/11 was designed to suck us into Iraq and Afghanistan and we fell for it. The terrible losses and financial meltdown it is costing the West will be almost irrecoverable. The longer we pursue this vainglorious conflict the less we will be able to defend our streets and our lands. One thing is for sure, today's attack is not making our streets safer. This pathetic argument needs putting to bed. Why, oh why are we doggedly ignoring history? Just as we ran appeasement in NI, so we are doing in Afghanistan, behind the scenes. That weakness is costing dearly. We need to leave them to sort it out and not open up a safe haven all over the West for their holidays! Statesmen, it seems, have we none. Still politicos never come across as accepting they are human, more's the pity.


  1. DC needs to get rid of Liam Fox asap. He's beginning to make Ainsworth look good.

  2. Afghanistan is unwinnable.

    Every jingly market has a stall which sells "souvenirs" of the conflict they had with Russia. Items of Russian uniform, Russian weapons, personal possessions that used to belong to Russian soldiers.....

    If the most barbaric and vicious army in the world can't win in Afghanistan, and their personal effects end up being sold off in Saturday markets, what hope have we and the yanks got?

    Answer? None.

    Pull out of Afghanistan, kick out the loony muslims (and socialists while we're at it), protect our borders and shut the door on immigration.

    It would be a start.

  3. Watched a late night report last night on the military strategy of 'working' with the Afghan Army. When there was not an argument over the gung-ho desire of the Afghans to loose off at suspect Taliban with weapons they are not allowed to have (thankfully) by their UK command they passed the time getting stoned on the local weed. They frequently went on patrol spaced out of their minds. Dressed in flip-flops in a variety of cadged uniforms with caps at a rakish angle - it didn't appear to my extreme amateur eye that we are producing a national army fit for purpose.

    Shed loads of cash (filched from development funds from external sources - i.e. us lot) are apparently being airlifted out of the country to Afghan politicians bank accounts - we are slowly waking up to this unusual export.

    No doubt there are some good things happening - but with the desire of the UN, US and UK etc. to stick it out - why is there not more evidence made available to the MSMs about the good stuff after nine years of winning "hearts and minds"?

    I read somewhere that all the Taliban had to do to win was to stick it out long enough not to lose - we seem to be sticking out long enough to lose by not winning?

  4. Subrosa, I suggest Fox inherited this particular chalice and sips very slowly; KILLEM, works for me. Clarinda, very good analysis and that corruption is at the heart of our failure. Sadly there are thousands of Bilderberger enterprises every bit a part of this as the Afghan thieves themselves. Not least bankers. B more easily changed to a W.