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Saturday, 17 July 2010

10 reasons To be Pleased.

Nudged by Caratacus!

My good friend reminded me that all is not ever doom and gloom and I was stung to belay my Gotty credentials for a positive post, so here goes a list of ten things to be pleased about.

1. We have a Government not a cabal of leftie nutters and graspers.
2. It is terrific summer weather so far.
3. Gardens look so beautiful.
4. BP has stopped the oil leak and we can pray for that to be permanent.
5. The Times web site has lost two thirds of its visitors since charging.
6. David Kelly's death to be further investigated?
7. The BBC is about to pay for its left wing club membership, not us!
8. For serious AGW sceptics like me!
9. Conservative peer Lord Taylor faces charges over expenses.
10. Labour and The Left seen for the hypocrites they are as Lord of The Pies becomes a Barren Intellectual!

I'm sure there are many, many more things to make us happy with our austere lives! Indeed is austerity a happier state than mindless profligacy and debt?


  1. I don't get all this talk of people lucky enough to be in work facing financial 'pain'.

    When I were a lad - skip to next post now folks - he's off again - we thought we were doing well being able to afford to rent a black and white TV - when my father were a lad, etc., etc..

    What's the pain that most in work now face? Loss of a couple of dinners out a month? No new iphone until Sepetember when they really need one now? Stuck with the 42" plasma now until Christmas? Postponing that new kitchen until next year?

    Some pain. Some arses.

  2. You have a very good point, Jim, you really do!

  3. Captain Haddock17 July 2010 at 18:51

    I remain to be convinced re Point 1 ..

    At the moment the "coalition-of-all-the-clowns" can be favourably compared with an Italian tank (one forward & fifteen reverse gears) .. ;)

    The remainder, I agree with OR ...

  4. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression OR - I never shoot the messenger! Nevertheless, pleased that we're looking at the good things in life. Does remind me of Conan the Barbarian who, when asked what was good in life, replied "To drive your enemy before you, to spill his hot blood upon the ground ..... and hear the lamentation of his women". (Or 'vimmin' as old Arnie had it).

    Have to agree with the Captain on point 1. There's something about Mrs. Cameron's little boy which does not inspire confidence. Still less Mrs. Clegg's progeny. And I wouldn't trust Vince Cable further than I could throw him. He looks like a ram with a secret sorrow and is likely to upset the applecart before many moons have passed.

  5. Gentlemen, after 13 years of hell, any PM has to be a vast improvement. I reserve judgement for a little while longer!

  6. Captain Haddock18 July 2010 at 18:02

    Do we actually have a PM .. OR ?

    It seems to me as if the 2i/c, the "side-kick", the "also-ran" is making all the going & all the public statements (or perhaps that's merely to justify his non-job) ?

    I've maintained all along that Cameron was not, is not & never will be the man to lead the Conservative Party (certainly not the sort of Conservative Party for whom I would vote, anyway) ..

    In fact, I'd always believed (and hoped) that there was a secret plan to ditch him after the election in favour of David Davies (we should be so lucky) ..

  7. Dear Captain H, I voted for DD and still believe he would have carried the election, if in charge. Unfortunately our old Tory party of the right and right persuasion has been "new Laboured".

  8. New laboured, indeed.

    Spelman wants to keep the burkha.

    Silly minge.