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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The World Of Stupidity.

I Grew Up With This Sh*t!

All my life I have watched the steady march of the brainwashing industry known as advertising. The very best are informative and amusing. The worst are doom laden, guilt evoking and fearful. Bear in mind these same people run Government propaganda, too. That is virtually always, except during elections, the latter Armageddon format.
My rant is about this ridiculous soap dispenser advert of recent weeks. For pities sake, everywhere we go we touch things. Toilets, handshakes, car doors, trains, buses. How in God's name can you you not touch things every minute of every day. What do we have an immune system for? Of course, if we can sell your own body fluids back to you as "clean" water, there's nothing we can't con you out of. Be it Government taxes or commercial lies, or whatever.
What is your favourite confidence trick? Mine was always National Insurance to pay for health and pension. Just a tax, now. A whole multi-trillion business exists to sell us the most horrendous muck.
"Fries with that, Sir or Madame!"


  1. Haven't seen that one, but then I don't watch ITV, or pretty much any other TV, come to that!!

  2. Saw this the other evening and fell about laughing. Then stopped laughing when I realised what it meant - create an anxiety then provide a solution to a problem you didn't even know you had. You are in danger from germs(and you are unclean) BUT we have a solution. You are going grey you old bugger - we can provide you with a lie, hair-dye. Your pillows are composed of 99% insect shit and you are going to die, unless you buy X Y and Z. Let us have just a little bit of your freedom and we will look after you and keep you safe from harm, signed HMG. There, now look what you've done OR - Caratacus is having a little rant again.

  3. We found ourselves having to check out everything we used. Even although we then used a lot less stuff than most people when we got rid of that which was not really necessary and got down to as basic as possible we found we were saving a fortune. Single malts all round!!!

  4. I pay absolutely no attention to adverts these days, OR, in fact, the stupid twats still haven't learned that it's counterproductive to jack the volume up to ear-splitting levels during the commercial breaks with the result that I and many other people just hit the mute button when the ads come on.

  5. Chucked out the telly years ago so see very few adverts apart from the brief ones that front many on-line news vids.
    I used to instantly change radio channels the moment a Govt. Propaganda ad came on telling me to do, or not do, something or other; now I just don't listen to commercial stations at all.

  6. Thank you all, as ever. My under-gardener duties preclude watching that much TV but when I see the stuff as posted, I'm never sure whether to laugh or cry!