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Saturday, 5 June 2010

World Cup Brainwashing.

Are You?

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Brainwashed? I doubt many bloggers and their followers are, with the exception of leftie nutters. However, the idea that every single soul on these overcrowded Islands is some perfectly crafted creature in God's or Labours' image is patently absurd. Yet sex and footie, wags and celebrity sell to the brain dead that pass for "fans" in the media and retail passion to tout crap. I used to love football. Played badly but enthusiastically as a lad, boasted that I was born within sight of The Hawthorns floodlights, except they did not exist then! However the hype and commercialism coupled with the blatant tat imported from China and other slave economies, makes me despair. The notion that a bit of "Mafia" style discipline is all England need to trounce the sheer passion, flair, imagination and exciting football, played by hungry and unspoilt South American and African Nations is really ridiculous. When such talent exists our boring FA and their equally boring pals conspire to stifle and suppress youngsters such as Walcot.
All this fails to reach the so called fans, however. The same old, tired old tabloid cliches will be replaced ere long by the need to pour solace on the legions of exhausted and disappointed souls, whose whole lives are manipulated by the button pushing TV and newspaper hacks. These merrygoround soccer years are endless and always turn out the same. Mega-rich, coke-head boozers lose to fresh, anxious but joyous spirits, desperate to turn their and their poor nations' fortunes around. Names hitherto unknown will join with great but fading stars, to delight but shame the British/English game. Continental players, again never mentioned in The UK MSM, will arrive in our alcohol addled supporters' brains with just a tiny understanding that they were never on the horizon a week ago. I guarantee at least one German will come onto the scene, hitherto unheard of. If not, at least one Continental will. It will be fascinating to see who that star or those stars will be. As for the likely tournament winners, Brazil are always a contender. Africa is overdue such an honour. I shall enjoy some of the tournament. I doubt I will any of my own Country's matches. For me, where football is concerned, hope no longer springs eternal!
The Head Gardener is calling and the sunshine beckons. Have a happy weekend!


  1. My compliments to the "Head Gardener". Any chance of posting a couple more pictures of her handywork? Preferably clickable links or uploaded to TinyPic or similar.

    I would like to be able to download them, and send them to Mother.

  2. Mrs. OR is truly gifted, and is obviously far too talented to waste her life looking after a miserable old bugger like you. A place awaits her at Killemall Towers, should she wish for a break!

    Agreed on the football. I DO watch it, though I don't hold out much hope for our cokeheaded national team.

    Good to see that the drug-test-dodging Ferdinand is kaput. Never could stand the snarl on that man's face.

  3. Hi, KILLEM, missed you and thank you. Microdave, likewise thank you. Can you give me an email link? I'll direct you Mrs OR's blog!

  4. What-ho, OR.

    Been away again - same sort of stuff, different country.

    Good to see a new gummint here, yet spookily strange, when one has been away for the settling in period.

    I hope you are going to be as acerbic about this lot, should they put a foot wrong. I'm relying on you!

  5. "I hope you are going to be as acerbic about this lot, should they put a foot wrong. I'm relying on you!" I will, KILLEM but so far so good!
    Microdave, worth a try. However, check recent posts!

  6. Thespecialone, thank you also for your kind words. Your profile is admirable and shows a splendid character. I think our new political atmosphere, so far, will allow you to flourish and help change our Nation for the better.