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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Where to begin?

Confused Oldrightie, this morning. (not unusual!). So much going on. Snotty's sycophant, Stirrup and his Mandarin counterpart, Sir "Jelly"Jeffrey, sacked. Tories popularity soaring in the polls, Labour whingeing whilst keeping their tax payer funded chauffeur driven limos. England fulfilling my predictions immediately. Our troops being killed relentlessly as The Taliban, aided by Pakistan to spite India, gain the inevitable upper hand. We have warned, we bloggers, constantly, the West are going the same way as the Russian and other historical failures.
Then a piece of incredible information from that unpleasant mouth attached to Mrs Jack "UNITE" Dromey, aka Harperson. "
I shall remain part of the leadership team as deputy leader, after the leadership election. " ( 27:13 in) That's why she didn't stand. Straight over, (not difficult), the jug eared midget's head, who is then verbally abused by Nigel Kennedy! As for Harperson, part of the inner chamber of The Labour dynasty, at least she blushed when this gaffe spewed forth. So, as I predicted, Millipede Banana is the already secretly crowned leader. Millipede minor, in every sense, is camouflage and the others deluded and naive. Secretive and nasty in opposition as in power. Loathsome crowd of rich and powerful Bilderbergers. Oh and we are told by our chief scientist we will never know it all! I'm off to Church!!


  1. So no Deputy leader election then? Very democratic! Bit like the coalition, I suppose.

  2. With you OR in your confusion. Thank Heaven Jock's off though and that useless bag of jelly with him. I await anxiously the name of their successors. Where is Field Marshal Slim when we need him?

    As for the Afghan war I wonder whether any of the great and the good have bothered to read William Brydon's account of the retreat from Kabul. (On being asked on his arrival at Jalalabad, "Where is the army?" he replied, "I AM the army"). That's the problem with young uns you see - they tend to see events very much in terms of their own lifetime thus far. Now I am sounding like an old fart. 'That's because you are, dear' (Mrs. C as she takes the well-worn path to the drinks cabinet).

  3. I heard Diane Abbott was hankering after that post, OR. It looks as though she'll be disappointed.

  4. Caratacus, GV, you guys will never know how much I enjoy your contributions to this place! As for the young uns, spot on. Flabbot, well, no chance. It's Millipede Major to hold the banana republic, bequeathed by Snotty, that is Labour Royalty today.