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Monday, 21 June 2010

What Is Socialism For?

Moan, Moan, Moan, Then Whinge.

Lord Of The Pies Arrives In The Lords?

Day after day this bunch of wreckers, failures, peerage grabbers, liars and misery guts spew forth their spite and nastiness. I wondered where Oldrightie might go after the wonderful and uplifting defeat of their lying, humourless, wicked, war mongering, scientist murdering 13 years of destruction. Now I see they are still woven into our lives like some nasty and blood stained cloth remnant. Still they preach their union led bile and seek to spoil everyone's existence. Well, you moronic thicko sheeples, I have news for you all. We get to pass this way just once and very briefly. So if there is any chance of a good life it should be seized for you, your family and your locality. Stop trying to spoil and laden with guilt all those for whom happiness is a work ethic, a responsible existence and a concern for others, not borne of a resentful and immature jealousy, flawed doctrine and utter, misery laden political war. Try just a little to support those having to clean up your mess. Reserve your multi-coloured coughing for private and secretive union offices or dingy drug dens which you so readily inhabit. Of course you have a MSM only too pleased to spout your creed of dullness and uniformity. Thankfully most of us are getting very tired of the daily unpleasantness and chatterati support you enjoy. In modern, coalition Britain you are stale, boring and unwanted. Basically the left and Socialism has, after 13 years of demonstrating utter incompetence, become a laughing stock. Trouble is you never see beyond your dogma and inbred stupidity to notice.
My new blog mission? To laugh at socialists. Trouble is where to start? Lord of The Pies? Small town solicitor? Ex loony PM? New leader and fruit waving bonkers infant? Toynbee Villa Tart? Toilets Maguire? (too easy to make fun of). No shortage of material, is there. Who is your funniest Socialist? Notwithstanding they are all a joke!


  1. How dare you insult those magnificent beasts by making Prescott inferences...

  2. Micro, sh*t is sh*t no matter what!

  3. I nominate Tom Harris, the 'good humoured' 'acceptable' face of socialism (to those who prefer mateyness to truth). I mean you, Iain Dale.

    He has just posted a piece on his highly undemocratic blog about how any cuts in the bureaucracy of the NHS and relaxation of targets are actaully cuts to patient care.

    No mention that the b-cracy was put there in the first place to perform sleght of hand - to corrupt the figures, to lie, deceive, to give propaganda victories to Labour at whatever expense topatient care, etc..

  4. Microdave beat me to it but may I endorse his comment? Very many elephants are honestly employed and do great service to humanity. I am deeply saddened that they should suffer such a dreadful insult.

  5. Microdave spot on old chap. I was lucky enough to work with elephants many years ago and found them to be loyal, patient, long-suffering and wise. They also had an innate dignity and nobility of purpose which I found genuinely humbling. Believe it or not, one of them (a young African cow called Duchess) even had a sense of humour and found considerable diversion in lobbing "cannonballs" into the watching crowds on a wet afternoon.

    The point is that all of the qualities described above are precisely those lacking in socialshits (apologies, my spelling is atrocious today).

    I'm trying hard to find them amusing OR, honest I am, but as I observe their antics and the dire effects of their 13 years in office the laughter tends to die away. Now if anyone has some video footage of Testicles being twatted round the head with a cricket bat, I feel that might draw a chuckle or two...

  6. Captain Haddock21 June 2010 at 18:38

    Socialists (and their supporters) are about as "funny" as a dose of Hepatitis ..

    In fact, there are very definite similarities ..

  7. Captain H - as usual - spots that which escapes the rest of us: muscle and joint aches (and general arse-ache listening to the buggers go on), fever (usually brought on as I press the enter key when doing my tax return), nausea or vomiting (having to look at Testicles and his appalling wife Ophelia), diarrhoea (listening to that oaf Prescott mangling our mother tongue is enough to give anyone the squits), and headaches (wondering what sort of world beckons for our grandchildren).

    Interestingly, "hepatitis" is nearly an anagram for "robbing socialist bastards". Uncanny.

  8. Ah yes, Ophelia Balls - who would want to forget her on payday?

  9. Captain Haddock21 June 2010 at 19:51

    Caratacus .. Cracking, simply cracking .. PMSL

  10. My dear friends, I meant absolutely no offense to these noble creatures. Indeed by using a toilet this elephant is doing something I doubt many socialists do. Rather they spout it forth, via their twisted mouths! One thing is for sure, laughing at them is more damaging than taking them seriously, notwithstanding the heartfelt responses above and the dangers they pose.

  11. Funniest socialist?

    Not those cool Brittania comedians that's for sure. Lenny Henry, Eddie Izzard, the vile Jo Brand, the totally unfunny Ben "Codgob" Elton, that other twat Alexei Sayle.

    About as funny as Clostridium Difficile, which has killed so many of the elderly during the nasty 13 year rule of the vilest, most corrupt and reprehensible political party that we have seen in this country.

    Funny? No.

    Prescott raises a laugh with his ignorance, but he's not funny.

    The Millipedes are funny/pathetic, as opposed to funny/ ha ha, The Balls Brothers are eminently mockable, yet remain unfunny. Bob Aintworthalot is funny in a dangerous for our troops kind of way and Brown is just pathetic - funny as a maiden aunt with Tourette's.

    There is that funny-looking one, though. I can't remember his name and I can't be arsed to look him up. He looks like Lurch, he's got teeth like gravestones and the best part about it - someone tried to kill him recently by stabbing him at his surgery.

    Now - that was funny.

  12. Stephen Timms - the haircut's funny, too, in a Frankenstein kind of way.

  13. The funniest thing I can think about with regard to socialists is Tony Blairs present career path and income which is hidden behind a smokescreen of offshore tax have companies..Now that really makes me laugh!

    and yeah OR, Ellies are lovely and cannot be associated with socialists in any way, shame on you tsk tsk (get your drift though)

  14. Captain Haddock22 June 2010 at 08:32

    Some excellent comments above, with which I agree totally ..

    I particularly liked the anecdote about the Elephant hurling "cannon balls" at the public ..

    I have this mental picture of an Elephant, on a barge, on the Thames .. hurling said "cannon balls" onto the verandah of the HoC, whilst its denizens were slurping their tax-payer subsidised Pimms ..

    That .. I would pay good money to see ... Lol

  15. Ah, that must be "two tails Prescott" in the photo...

    The temptation is always to laugh at Socialists and their i;k (various flavours of Communism), but we must never forget just how dangerous they are, and we must also make sure that future generations don't have to learn the lessons of the past thirteen years the hard way again.

    Without what they did to our country, there would have been no need for the negative measures (thankfully largely compensated by positive ones) in today's Emergency Budget.

  16. Captain Haddock22 June 2010 at 17:49

    You're absolutely correct John ..

    Furthermore, Socialism isn't funny .. its a form of Mental illness ..

    And it behoves the coalition government to remind any Labour MP who gets to their feet in the house of that fact ..

    This cobbled together mish-mash of a government OWE IT TO US to remind Labour & the world in general of why we're in the sorry state we are .. at every possible opportunity and in every possible way ..

    But I won't be holding my breath ...