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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Some personal stuff!

A Glorious Sunday!

A week today is Mrs OR's open day for the NGS and I am very busy being under gardened! She really has it looking so splendid and I am quite bursting with pride. Furthermore, changing out of early morning Church kit, I caught a pounding of the last Labour Chancellor. What a stuttering and small town solicitor he really, really is. Still, was delightful to watch. Then Lord of The Pies Prezza is going round slagging off Hutton for taking the Queen's shilling. Precious and hilarious ignorance and hypocrisy. Above all else, the sunlight is bathing the countryside in the most special hue and I shall soon be at work helping to mold Mrs OR's vision and passion.
Best of all, we are no longer under the Socialist yolk of bitterness and envy. We may even be approaching a sustained recovery in our nation's confidence and work ethic. Something seemingly despised and ruined by Labour. Yup, life under anybody but Gordon or Banana, priceless!! Have a great Sunday!


  1. OR - Mrs OR's garden is a delight.

    The grubbiness of the political world fades into appropriate insignificance in the face of such sublime beauty.

    For some reason "Chanson de matin" springs to mind.

  2. I gave my daughter's hand in marriage on Friday to a wonderful chap; they seem like the perfect couple. Mature, kissed a few toads each before settling down - a great day.

    "Rested" yesterday (hic!), and woke to a glorious Sunday morning. Met my 6th Grandchild for the first time today, and intend to sit down with a rather nice Jameson's Irish Whiskey this evening.

    All of that, PLUS Lady OR's garden - tell her she's aided and abetted in providing me with the perfect weekend, OR!

    Thank You!

  3. Bugger!

    Miscount. Should have been SEVENTH grandchild, not 6th.

  4. Killem - shounds like a very good vintage Jamieshons!

  5. Mrs OR is graciously flattered, thank you!

  6. Killem, your obvious pride in your grandchildren belies your handle! Congrats on a very good show! Caratacus, you continue to make OR feel very 'umble but pleased by your presence!

  7. Ah, the handle. Let me explain.

    I worked in New Orleans for a month after Hurricane Katrina, and spent all that time in the company of members of the 82nd Airborne Division - Yankee Paras.

    "Kill 'em all - let God sort 'em out" is their motto. From what I experienced of the members of the Division with whom I served, they tend to live by their motto. Nasty buggers, really.

    However, their motto serves me well. My attitude to most people, polluticians (no spelling error - politicians pollute public life on a daily basis), and ALL socialist scum is exactly that - given the green light, I would gladly play my part in sending the bastards to The Lord, and let Him decide what to do next.