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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Should We be Afraid?

Is There A Factory For Commie Clones?

If there is such a place, why don't they clone something less ugly? I'm not talking about their appearance, either.

The unpleasant bully in the lower pic is a face you will get to know, as this summer goes on. Those old enough to remember the arrogance and bullying nastiness that took the mining industry down the road to ruin, will easily recognise this character's traits. As for Scargill, he's now fighting to hang on to his Union perks. This guy intends to take them over, along with the control of The UK Scargill dreamt of. As Simpson and Woodley seek the halcyon pastures of yachts, foreign holidays and caviar, paid for by their Union members largess and sacrifice, this latest product from the communist DNA factory, of spite and hatred against the rest of us schmucks, will kick off big time. Just bear in mind, what goes around always comes around as history repeats itself. Just watch as BA stalls, crashes and burns, how these arrogant poseurs will strut the Dorchester or Savoy presidential suites, busy entertaining Charlie Whelan and Mr Harriet Harman, aka Jack Dromey. Their plotting will be all about the downfall of this Government. Be ready, it's gonna be unpleasant!


  1. Been waiting for it since day 1 OR and in some ways the sooner it comes the better as less pain will have been felt by the voters and next time round I think the tories will get in in their own right!,especially as the smaller parties will not be able to afford to run again. Their vote share I believe will go to Dave!!

  2. When the Miners Strike started Arthur was living in an ordinary suburban bunglalow. By the time it ended he had a large executive house in a much sought after location. Since then he seems to have traded up. Oh yes and somehow there was a flat in The Barbican as well in the mid 1980's.

  3. Who provides the funding for these unlovely specimens? It can't all be from union subs. The little scam whereby taxpayer money was routed through to the unions has surely been turned off by the new administration. Hasn't it? Oh dear - the red mist is descending again and Mrs.C has dived toward the decanter again to pour a restorative!