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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Political Machine?

A Flight Of Fancy.

I would like to comment not on this aircraft or its designers, engineers and the personal experience of the joy of flying an Airbus. Rather the manner in which politicians have never grasped the fundamental success of cooperative ventures, when restricted to the sharing of private enterprise between companies. That success always did and still does show that Nations can work together under trade and private agreements. It went sour when the politicos wanted a military transport to rival Russian and American capability in order to butter their egotistical federal ambition. Read the linked article to see what happens when hubris is given a blank cheque and weep for the hospitals, schools, deficits this might have helped!
Add the continuing terrible losses in Afghanistan and our dreadful world can be seen at its worst, when controlled by the same shadowy figures that pollute all our lives. Trust me, these two issues are linked by a very similar plague.


  1. "and weep for the hospitals, schools, deficits this might have helped!"

    Or just swallow their pride, and buy off-the-shelf aircraft.

    Come to that, set up a production line and knock up some brand new DC3's, a proven (70 year) design with NO software to worry about...

    Of course if we still had a UK manufacturing industry (and I don't mean making parts for Airbus) we could build the damn thing ourselves. After watching the appalling crosswind landing at London City by an Avro (BAE?) 146 a few months back, why not base a transport on an enlarged version of that incredibly tough airframe?

    Even Russian pilots would have a job breaking one of them!!