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Friday, 11 June 2010

None So Blind....

As Those Who NEVER See.

The link above is palpable evidence of how irresponsible the dogma and short term memory of the left is operated. A Nation's wealth must be driven by the most able and aspirational citizens. This via ensuring the best have the best in order to drag the less able, the ignorant and the DNA challenged masses into a half way decent existence. The only criteria a successful society should have is to ensure those from disadvantaged backgrounds with ABILITY and INTELLIGENCE are not passed by. Sadly, Socialists believe we are all the same, except when doling out the top Labour and Union jobs. The sniping at the new Government's early days just ignores the years of Socialist dumbing down, with the inevitable consequences of debt and inadequacy that results, for the largest class in human society. To believe we are all the same is just plain wrong. To punish or victimise the disadvantaged is just as wrong as putting them on a pedestal they can never remain on. There is no simple answer. Economic success shared carefully is one. Reward for effort via the growth of successful enterprise has been the most successful system in human history. TVs, overseas travel, better education have all arisen through successful capitalism. Then some idiots decided that socialist meddling in this system and hob- nobbing with greedy Bilderbergers could buy power and the edifice was done for. Nope, freedom to do well, not incentives to slob around, are the only way people respond. Our greed for procreation and equality is destroying the human race. The Socialist ideal is the vanguard for the slaughter of the innocent.


  1. But as you say OR, the dumbing down of education (and the tories were just as guilty because they aided and abetted the introduction of comprehensives), has contributed to generations of non-achievers. It's nothing to do with background, it's to do with curriculums and the quality of teaching.

    Plus we have examinations which are useless. Is it any wonder good universities are stopping accepting resit applicants?

  2. I agree that The Tories were complicit, Subrosa. However, they are always tasked with cleaning up rather than ever being able to push through policy in the manner beloved of Labour.

  3. Yes, you're right, and I've linked - but not quite in the way you might expect. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

    Separately - offspring said people will only learn if they think it's worthwhile and if they need to. I think people will only get off their backsides and work if they know nothing else, or if they're hungry.

    Education is the key, but there are a lot of societal(?) threads that have led us to where we are now - and the modern culture allows some to do as little as possible, or make excuses for being unable, or incapable, of making a useful contribution. It's true that the most important people in a building/company are the cleaners, because without them doing their job properly everybody else suffers. Why do cleaners need qualifications these days? All they should need is the pride of seeing a job well done, and a suitable financial reward. (Could write pages about this sort of thing, but will stop otherwise it'll turn into a ramble)

  4. I made the mistake of clicking on the link at the top of the piece and sat agape as I read the comments.

    The common theme was punishing those with a bit of money by taking it from them. Just that, with no conception of it having systemic consequences.

    Lying behind it seems to be a belief that those who have money want to prevent others enjoying the same material pleasure / good fortune. I don't believe anything could be further from the truth. Economic policy should always aim to maintain a stable economy in which those at the lower end receive the maximum possible benefit from their efforts. I know of no Conservative who believes otherwise. It is Labour that consistently increases the tax burden on the least wealthy and the Conservatives who have to sort out the mess and reverse the trend.

  5. By the way, after far too long I have added you to my blog roll, I hope you don't mind.